Traduality Secures #8 Spot on Best Places to Work in Bloomington and CEO Diego Achio Named Fast 15 Employee

Traduality #8 Best Place to Work in Bloomington

Written by Diego Achio

The CEO & Co-founder of Traduality. Diego loves visiting national parks, playing tennis, go-karts, and Italian food. He also has over 13 years of experience in the translation industry leading language operation teams.

October 22, 2023

Double Recognition for Traduality During Bloomington’s Innovation Week Highlights Company’s Commitment to Employee Satisfaction and Innovation

Bloomington, Indiana – October 31, 2023 Traduality, a leading AI-powered marketplace for translation projects, has been named the #8 Best Place to Work in Bloomington, IN, for the second consecutive year. The announcement was made during Bloomington’s Innovation Week at the Community Innovation Awards Gala at The Mill. In addition, Diego Achio, CEO and co-founder of Traduality, received the Fast 15 Employee award, recognizing his role as a key driver of innovation within the company. The Best Places to Work Awards are an annual event celebrating top employers in communities nationwide. In Monroe County, the awards are particularly significant, serving as a benchmark for employee satisfaction and organizational culture. Rankings are determined through a comprehensive survey process, with employee feedback accounting for two-thirds of the final score and employer input making up the remaining third. Diego Achio’s Fast 15 award further underscores the company’s commitment to fostering a culture of innovation. The Fast 15 awards are designed to recognize MVP employees who drive company growth and innovation.

diego holding his two awards

Diego Achio receiving the Fast 15 and Best Places to Work awards


“It was a pleasant surprise to be recognized by the community as a Fast 15 awardee; it drives me to keep doing my best,” said Diego Achio, CEO and co-founder of Traduality. “But my personal accomplishment pales in comparison to Traduality being named among the Best Places to Work in Bloomington. Considering that every other company on the list has over 10 employees, some even thousands, Traduality making it to the list with only 8 employees is a major accomplishment. It confirms that we’re doing a good job in keeping our employees motivated, involved, and passionate about solving problems in the translation industry.” To learn more about Traduality and how it can become a strategic partner for your organization, visit Traduality is a robust AI-based marketplace for translation projects with a built-in project management platform. Organizations worldwide use Traduality to connect with vetted professional linguists specialized in any language and subject matter across 20 different services, including translation, interpretation, and ASL, to support their international expansion and local inclusion efforts since 2022. For more information, visit

Contact Information

Diego Achio, CEO & Co-founder, Traduality Email: [email protected]

Traduality is currently transitioning from an email service to an online translation marketplace. To learn more, book a meeting with us or create an account to get started with the platform! 

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