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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? We have an answer! Check out some of our most frequently-asked questions below:

What is Traduality?

Traduality is an online platform where customers can connect with vetted professional translators, interpreters, and linguists offering language-related services. Linguists can apply to get vetted to verify that they are language professionals. Upon approval, linguists can use Traduality to apply to jobs created by customers and use a professional profile to promote your services.

Traduality includes a built-in project management platform to help users get services from translators, keep projects organized, and collaborate effectively with the translators working on projects, resulting in faster turnaround times and quality than just communicating over email.

What is Your Vetting Process Like?

We require translators, interpreters, and other language service providers joining Traduality to prove that they have at least three years of experience working full-time as language service providers. Traduality does not allow non-professional bilinguals to join the platform as sellers of language services, and any linguist selling services part-time, must prove to have at least 5 years of experience doing it consistently.

Translators and other linguists joining Traduality must also sign an NDA to get approved, in order to decrease the risk of confidential files from customers leaking to the public. However, we encourage customers to mark any sensitive files private while creating a project, and provide a small sample publicly instead, in order to receive accurate price quotes from translators and keeping your work files access limited to those assigned to your projects.

Is Traduality Compatible with Corporate Payment Policies?

Yes. When creating a Corporate Account as a customer, Traduality allows you to select your preferred payment terms in the settings section. You can select whether to pay for the services of translators and other linguists immediately after approving a final delivery or up to 60 days after approval. Invoices are available immediately after a project is complete.

Is Traduality a Translation Agency?

Traduality isn’t a translation agency but a technology company. Through the Traduality platform, both companies needing translation-related services and translation agencies can find the qualified translators they need for their projects, share files, communicate, and monitor project progress, thus replacing the need for expensive project management platforms.

Traduality gives clients the choice to delegate projects to project managers, similar to the function of a translation agency, but it is optional. You can choose to lead your own projects instead.

Do Translators Have to Wait up to 60 Days to Get Paid?

Not at all! One of the benefits of using Traduality as a language service provider is that we issue payments within 15 days after the customer approves your final delivery for a job. Translators working with their customers through Traduality get paid 50-75% faster than those working with clients outside Traduality.

Can I use Traduality for free?

Traduality is 100% free for language service providers (translators, interpreters, and other linguists). Customers looking to use Traduality to streamline their translation needs and better collaborate with translators pay an annual subscription. However, Traduality is currently offering its Corporate Plan for free to customers because this is the first version of our product, and we value your feedback and suggestions beyond the monthly fee.

What is a Project Manager in Translation?

In the translation industry, a project manager oversees all aspects of the translation process. They handle communications between translators and clients, check projects for accuracy and clarity, and manage any necessary files needed for the translation process.

At Traduality, users can hire project managers to keep track of their translation projects, or manage projects directly using the built-in project management platform.