AI Interpretation

Fire Lingo, Traduality’s unmatched AI, equips your staff with powerful 24/7 portable, fluent, accurate, and secure interpreters ideal for business, health care, and legal use.

Unlock New Revenue and Stellar Customer Service

Equip your local branches and call centers with Fire Lingo to make every customer-facing employee multilingual without relying on expensive over-the-phone interpreting services.

Enterprise-level security and privacy. You own your data.

High-fidelity accuracy ideal for business, health care, banking, and legal.

Engaging male and female natural voice AI interpretation.

Traduality offers medical translation services.

See Fire Lingo in Action

Improve Employee Retention, Productivity, and Inclusion 

Traduality's payment system within the translation management system helps translators get paid on time.

With Fire Lingo, organizations unlock their full potential by decreasing turnover rates, increasing productivity, improving inclusion, and tapping into unexplored talent pools.

Fluent and private 1-on-1 performance reviews.

Create a healthier work environment where English and non-English speakers collaborate equally.

Improved understanding of trainings, job interviews, daily instructions, and safety guidelines.