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We know you’re too busy to search, evaluate, and manage translators for your projects, which is why we do it for you, plus we make sure the job gets completed to your satisfaction.

Traduality Pricing

Average Translator Prices

Traduality charges a commission fee on translators’ prices to remain one of the most affordable high quality translation services out there. The commission fee covers for our strict vetting process, as well as our constant efforts to find reliable translators and interpreters, which saves you between 4-14 business days of your time, every time you need services.

Professional translation: $0.05 ~ $0.12 per source word

AI translation post-editing: $0.03 ~ $0.07 per source word

Transcreation: $0.07 ~ $0.15 per source word

Certified translation: $25 ~ $65 per page

Editing & Prooreading: $0.02 ~ $0.06 per source word.

Localization: $0.03 ~ $0.07 per source word.

Interpreting services are often charged per hour or per day. It really depends on the interpreter.

Hourly rates: $35 ~ $200 per hour

Daily rates: $300 ~ $1,500 per day

Professional subtitling: $5 ~ $20 per minute of playback

Professional closed captioning: $7 ~ $30 per minute of playback

Transcription in same language: $3 ~ $15 per minute of playback

Transcription into different language: $5 ~ $30 per minute of playback

Gaming: $150 ~ $300 per hour

Corporate Animation: $35 ~ $100 per finished minute

IVR: $15 ~ $50 per finished minute

Audiobook: $100 ~ $300 per finished hour

E-learning: $15 ~ $50 per finished minute

LQA Testing: $30 ~ $75 per hour

UI Testing: $30 ~ $75 per hour

LQA + UI Testing: $50 ~ $150 per hour

*The prices above are shown in a range because translation services prices greatly depend on three important factors: language combination, subject matter, and type of content. Language combination is the one that most impacts the price.

Do You Have a Complex Project?

Sometimes there is not a one-size fits all solution. Schedule a meeting with one of our specialists and a get a price quote completely tailored to your needs.


Over the years we have identified the questions most frequently asked by our clients. However, feel free to get in touch any time!

Do you provide free samples?

Yes, while it really depends on the service, we do provide samples of our work when you have a medium-to-large project. We will usually ask you for the original content and provide you with a small sample for you to evaluate our services.

What are your payment terms?

We usually require our clients to pay for the service in advance. However, we offer flexibility to organizations looking for a long-term vendor, even if they do not need services frequently. We care about the relationship, not the frequency.

Can I cancel an on-going project?

Yes, most of our services can be cancelled whenever you want. However, we do have a policy of requiring you to pay for the work finished up to the moment of the cancellation.

Are your service options a subscription service?

No, you can choose an option every time you need our services; it is a one time payment, like any other average service. We created them for you to have choices according to your needs and the budget you want to assign to such needs.