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Get a Service that Actually Fits Your Needs

Each organization has different needs, each need requires a different approach. Every time you work with us, you get to choose the translation benefits and pricing that best fits your needs. No monthly plans, just choices.

Translation Services Pricing

How We Charge Other Services

The pricing for translation related services varies depending on several factors such as languages needed, subject matter, whether or not you will need an additional service such as Desktop Publishing, among other factors.

Certified Translations

Unlike professional translation, certified translation is usually charged per each page you need to translate.


We have daily rates for on-site interpreting services and minute-based rates for remote interpreting services.

LQA & UI Testing

Testing for digital products is charged by the hour. You choose how many hours you want us to test your products for each language.

Subtitling & Transcription

Both subtitling and transcription services have minute rates based on the play time of your video or audio.


Pricing for this service is determined based on what you need the recordings for. It can be charged by the hour, minutes, even seconds.

Do You Have a Complex Project?

Sometimes there is not a one-size fits all solution. Schedule a meeting with one of our specialists and a get a price quote completely tailored to your needs.


Over the years we have identified the questions most frequently asked by our clients. However, feel free to get in touch any time!

Do you provide free samples?

Yes, while it really depends on the service, we do provide samples of our work when you have a medium-to-large project. We will usually ask you for the original content and provide you with a small sample for you to evaluate our services.

What are your payment terms?

We usually require our clients to pay for the service in advance. However, we offer flexibility to organizations looking for a long-term vendor, even if they do not need services frequently. We care about the relationship, not the frequency.

Can I cancel an on-going project?

Yes, most of our services can be cancelled whenever you want. However, we do have a policy of requiring you to pay for the work finished up to the moment of the cancellation.

Are your translation packages a subscription service?

No, you can choose a translation package every time you need to translate content; it is a one time payment, like the average service. We created them for you to have choices according to your needs and budget you want to assign to such needs.

Service Includes
Basic Localization
Globalize Your Success
International Perfection
Option 1: Receive Human Translations of the Highest Quality
Translation by our team of professional translators
Proofreading of own work by the translator or translators
Editing and proofreading by a second professional linguist
In-country review to guarantee localization consistency
Dedicated quality assurance, with culturalization and localization approach
Option 2: Increase translation productivity up to a 50% with neural machine translation
AI powered neural machine translation
Post-editing by our team of professional translators
Editing and proofreading by a second professional linguist
In-country review to guarantee localization consistency
Dedicated quality assurance, with culturalization and localization approach
Guarantee Consistency, Rates and Continuous Quality
Creation and/or training of tailored machine translation AI for your organization
Creation and/or update of a multilingual glossary
Creation and/or update of translation memories
Accumulative repetitions discount
Accumulative fuzzy matches discount
7-day Satisfaction Warranty
30-day Satisfaction Warranty
1-year Satisfaction Warranty
Complement Your Project with Additional Services
Localization quality assurance testing (LQA testing)
User interface testing (UI testing)
Local and international SEO
Receive a Service Exclusively Designed For Your Organization
Free of charge urgent services (3 per month)
Content connector
Custom API connector
Git connector
Website connector.
Exclusive translation team


Important Notes:

*Hover your mouse over underlined text to learn additional details.
*Rates may change depending on factors such as language pairs and complexity of translatable content.
*Rates shown in website are in USD and do not include applicable taxes in your country.
*Non-editable content (PDF files, images, some PowerPoint files, etc) may be subject to additional DTP rates.