Employee Handbook and User Manual Translation

Your talent with limited English skills deserves handbooks and manuals written in their native language to help them comprehend critical company documentation just as well as their native English-speaking colleagues.

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Translate All Types of Employee Handbooks

Traduality’s marketplace of vetted translators makes translating employee handbooks across departments a breeze. Just select the language and subject matter to get offers from specialized professional translators.

● HR handbooks ● Administration handbooks ● Safety handbooks

● Maintenance handbooks ● Production handbooks

● Customer service handbooks


Safety Manuals Translated Right

Ensure the health and safety of your limited-English talent while ensuring OSHA compliance for your organization. Traduality helps you keep both the original and translated versions of your safety manuals updated across languages, regardless of your industry.

● Manufacturing safety manuals ● Healthcare safety manuals

● Construction safety manuals ● Hospitality safety manuals

● Food processing safety manuals

Traduality translation management system allows users to delegate project roles to different team members in-app.

"The interpreters and technical support who worked with our organization provided an excellent service to the members and guests who joined our webinar. They were efficient and clear, and we able to adjust to any technical difficulties that we faced. They were also friendly."

"Traduality did amazing work for us! They were accurate with their translation and delivered on time."

"Always prompt and friendly replies, and delivered on time! Thorough feedback and answers when requested. Would definitely recommend working with this team for Spanish needs! Traduality is my go-to vendor for Mexican Spanish."

Delegate Projects to Experts

Traduality allows you to choose when to take care of translation projects yourself to save or delegate the project to translation project management experts. That way, your HR department doesn’t have to increase their workload.

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    Translate Employee Handbooks and Safety Manuals in 100 Languages


    Spanish (Latam), English (US), Portuguese (BR), and French (CA)

    Western Europe

    English (UK), French (FR), German (DE), Spanish (ES), Italian, Portuguese (PT), Dutch (NL), Catalan, and Irish.

    Eastern Europe

    Russian, Ukranian, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian, and 10 more.


    Burmese, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Bengali, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Urdu, Filipino, and 4 more.

    Middle East

    Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Turkish, and Kurdish.

    Specific Country Variants

    Use Traduality to translate your content into any country-specific language variant.