Maintain Accurate Medical Translations

Find vetted experts in medical translation, keep projects organized, automate payments, and delegate entire projects to experts in translation project management. All while remaining HIPAA compliant.

These Industry Leaders Trust Traduality with Their Translations

Medical translation services

Medical Translations Available in Any Language at Any Time

Cut down on the time it takes to find and qualify translators for medical translation. Traduality’s marketplace exclusively features professional medical translators who have successfully passed our rigorous vetting process.

    Delegate Your Translation Projects

    Choose between self-service or delegating entire projects to Traduality:

    • Translate faster and decrease burnout for your bilingual employees by delegating the translation process.
    • Work with expert project managers with experience in language operations to obtain the highest quality.
    • Incorporate cutting-edge translation technologies with no effort to speed turnaround times.
    Traduality translation management system allows users to delegate project roles to different team members in-app.

    Traduality is simply amazing. Their translators and project managers possess impressive knowledge and expertise. Their fast and friendly service never disappoints. Thank you for creating a great product and service.

    We use Traduality to manage interpretation projects. Their interpreters and technical support deliver excellent service to our webinar attendees. They are efficient, clear, and adept at resolving any technical difficulties.

    Delegating projects to Traduality excels in providing exceptional service: timely, friendly, and professional. Their linguists, truly top-notch, incorporate all feedback for outstanding dedication. Congrats to the entire team for an amazing platform!

    Streamline Project Management

    Invite your employees to run projects from one platform. With Traduality, you can:

    • Keep projects organized in a list or Kanban views.
    • Collaborate with translators across projects easily.
    • Delegate to Traduality or keep complete control of your translation projects.

    Traduality Makes Finding Medical Translators Simple


    Improve Turnaround

    Share files, engage in Q&A, and even store invoices inside projects.


    Reduce Search Times

    Access vetted language experts in translation, localization, interpretation, subtitling, and more.

    Enhanced Organization

    Keep your projects organized in list or Kanban views on the project dashboard.

    Improve Relations

    Issue payments in up to 60 days. Translators get paid within 15 days.


    In-House Collaboration

    Collaborate with your employees using the same platform.

    Increase Project Quality

    All translators selling services in the platform are experts in professional translation.