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September 23, 2020

WPML and Traduality Partner Up to Provide Connected Website Localizations

Traduality Language Solutions is proud to announce its new partnership with OnTheGoSystems, the company responsible for the #1 WordPress plugin for website translation WordPress Multilingual or WPML as it is more widely known.


How Connected Web Localization Saves You Time

If you have a website and you translated professionally (also known as localization), you might have been asked to send your website’s HTML, PHP files or the website content in word files to your translations’ vendor. Our partnership with OnTheGoSystems allows us to create a direct connection to your website via the WPML plugin for WordPress by adding us as your “Translation Service” as further explained in this link.

This connection allows you to simply select the content you would like to translate from your WordPress Backend site and send it to us through the WPML plugin saving you the time and effort of having to download each web page as a HTML or PHP file or having to copy-paste your web content for translation.


Save Money and Say “Good-bye” to Coding Errors

By sending us your web content for translation via the WPML plugin you are not only saving time but also saving money and making sure your code remains untouched.

The WPML plugin sends us your web content in a special file format designed for localization, this format along with our industry-leading translation software separates your code from the text we need to translate. When the translation is finished and ready for going live in your website, we send you the translated web pages directly to your WordPress Backend via the WPML plugin.

Your newly translated web pages go live looking exactly like your original website, also saving you the resources you would normally use for a web developer to make your translations live in your website.


Keep Web Updates Simple and Cost-Effective

One major advantage of having your website connected to us via the WPML plugin for receiving Connected Localization services is that you can now apply content updates to your web pages and simply send them to us via the WPML plugin. Our industry-leading translation software will recognize previously translated content thanks to WPML’s special file format, allowing us to bill you only the new content added.


Keep your website localization professional, simple, effective, and budget-friendly by asking us to connect directly to your website via the WPML plugin. If you would like more information about how to connect to us, please contact us or watch our Guide to Link WPML to Traduality below.

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