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Written by Javier Arizpe

September 23, 2020

UANL School of Philosophy and Arts and Traduality work together to improve the translation degree

On May 17th, our CEO met with some professors and the translation major coordinator of the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon to find areas of improvement in this degree and give it a boost never seen before.

As technology advances more tools are coming out to support the translator’s work. So, it’s quite important that during the students’ training in this area, they learn learn a little more about the tools that are being used so that they get the necessary instruction to enter the work force with security and opportunities to success.


Photography by: Unknown author

Need for modernization

UANL is the third largest university in Mexico. It’s a pioneering institution in many aspects, but it’s no secret that everything moves forward, is updated or modified at a fast pace, that’s why is so important to be able to adapt to changes fast.

We can’t deny that there are still majors that are purely theoretical and still teach the guidelines and subjects of a few years ago; One example is the translation major. With this, I’m not trying to downplay the continuous efforts made by teachers for their students to learn in a more practical and modern way, because they know that the reality of the current translator is very different from the one in the books written at least 10 years ago.

There’s still a long way to go, but our CEO made several suggestion that could be evaluated and implemented so that in a short time students can enjoy this modernization process.

The idea of discussing areas of opportunity is to prepare students so they can defense themselves and be able to cope with the challenges translators face nowadays.

Some of the topics that have been discussed are: how to use different translation softwares (an essential skill for a professional in the area) and how to use modern interpretation equipment.

And so, the UANL School of Philosophy and Arts joins the era of constant modernisation of always seeking to fulfill its objective of forming quality professionals.


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