We Improve Constantly to Give You Our Best

Traduality is always improving and keeping up with the latest technologies in order to make sure you receive the best quality, productivity, and security available in the market.

Our Translation Technologies

Traduality continues to be the best translation company in the United States, Mexico, and Costa Rica by complementing the latest localization technologies with its human resources. Our professional linguists are key to produce high quality, market-focused translation related services but taking advantage of the latest technologies is what keep us ahead in terms of consistency and productivity.

Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) Tools

CAT tools do not translate for you, they improve professional translators’ productivity.

Computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools allow human translators to perform their work twice as fast as before, while making it easier for them to verify key terminology as well as quality issues regarding their work.

CAT tools also identify repeated content and previously translated sentences for translators to cross-reference while doing their job, saving them time and saving you money.

At Traduality, we strive to keep up with the latest technologies. This is why our team is prepared to work with the most popular and advanced CAT tools available:


MemoQ is our CAT tool of choice as it offers a wide range of quality assurance related features, higher file type compatibility, and friendlier API compatibility for project automation. Some of its features are:

  • multilingual project managing automation,
  • terminology and style quality assurance with spell checking,
  • advanced filtering of non-translatable content and sentence repetitions,
  • user-friendly API connectors and compatibility with other CAT tools, so you don’t have to use other CMS or platforms your team is not familiar with,
  • detailed reporting,
  • translation memories and multilingual glossary compatibility.

SDL Trados

SDL Trados is a well-known CAT tool and one of the first ones to enter the translation industry. It is a very practical tool with similar features to those of MemoQ. If SDL Trados is your preferred tool, please know that we are also familiar with it and can use it for your projects upon request.


Memsource is another CAT tool very similar to Smartcat in available features and user interface experience. While we do not use it very often, we are well-trained in its use and ready to do your projects in it upon request.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Services

Artificial intelligence (AI) is stepping into many industries, being translation one of them. With free automatic translation services such as Bing Translate and Google Translate, it has become difficult to draw a line between when to resource to free or paid services. Our golden advice for you is to keep in mind that “cheaper always ends up becoming more expensive.”

Traduality’s AI engine is powered by Google’s Neural Machine Translation (NMT) technology, currently the best available in the market. Unlike Google’s free online automatic translator, Traduality’s AI actively learns from the corrections applied by our team and your glossary. The more NMT services you request from us, the better the AI becomes at translating your organization’s content using your key terminology. Consequently, human post-editors dedicate less time to make corrections, thus improving quality, productivity and accuracy altogether.

Other Tools

Adobe Creative Cloud

Our team is experienced in the usage of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, and Premiere Pro; allowing us to meet all of your design and media expectations when working your projects.

TechSmith Capture, Bugherd & Github

Localization demands more than the usual translation tools knowledge, this is why we are familiar with documenting bugs with TechSmith Capture, Bugherd, and using Github for code level support.

SDL Trados Business Manager

SDL TBM is our TMS of choice for handling project requests and managing our every day business operations. TBM allows us to manage who is assigned to your projects, the status of their assigned tasks, and even your most recent project requests. Thanks to our fully organized project management structure and TBM, you can rest assured we won’t miss your deadlines and the service pipeline will be error-free.

Need a Customized Service?

We know high volume projects and large organizations come with specific requirements. Schedule a meeting with one of our specialists and get a service completely tailored to your needs.