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Translation of contracts

Written by Javier Arizpe

March 11, 2022

What are contracts translated for?

Writing contracts or signing them is an everyday thing, especially if your business is constantly growing. You might have written some, and approved others. However, you might have dealt with documents in your native language. After all, a contract written in a language you don’t know 100% is a bit terrifying, don’t you think?

For this reason, today I will share with you the importance of translating your contracts and the advantages that this type of professional translation services offers both for you and your partnerships. If you have questions in regards of when it is necessary to hire a expert witness translator for this type of job, I encourage you to read this other article that talks about it in detail.


Who can translate my contracts?

First, you should know that by nature, law contracts are classified as a legal translation within the range of work at translation agencies. What is a legal translation? Well, it is a type of translation that is in charge of all documents that are part of the legal framework, be it public or private. Having that said, not any translator can be in charge of these documents because not only do they require a high level of the language, but it also requires a broad knowledge about the legal terms and their application.

in this sense, legal translation is very essential for both the world of translation and the business world because, without it, not many globalization processes could be done, which businesses need to be open to new markets. If you’re curious to know more about legal translation and the differences between sworn, certified, and notarized translations, you can read this article that explains them all more in depth.


Why Should I Have My Contracts Translated?

Now that you know who can translate your contracts, why should you seek to have them translated? There are plenty of reasons, but I will show you the most important ones:

  • It provides trust and clarity for you and your partnerships.

When your contracts are properly translated, all parts will know what to exactly expect and will feel at ease. The writing will have no inconsistencies nor will there be any misunderstandings due to linguistic barriers in regards to the deal.

  • It gives a professional image to your business.

If you care about having your contracts translated, that shows you take care of the most minimum details when it comes to offering your services and products.

  • It will grant you the opportunity to have access to other markets.

Once you have your contracts translated, you will be able to make offers and counteroffers with your partners effectively. Moreover, as I explained before, you will not have to worry about misunderstandings.

  • It offers you a secure legal ground.

Depending on the type of legal translation, you will have the security that the translation that you have is within law and it is valid in any area. Your papers will be in order whether you’re in Europe, Asia or North America.


As you can tell, having your contracts translated will allow you to establish long-lasting and trustworthy relationships with your partners, employees or customers, since everyone will be on the same page. If you’ve made up your mind and you’d like to know more about it, Traduality Language Solutions is one of the best translation agencies in Mexico and worldwide. We have sworn translators with great expertise in that area. Don’t think about it too much, reach out to us today!

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