Does My Business Need SEO Translation?

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Written by Diego Achio

The CEO & Co-founder of Traduality. Diego loves visiting national parks, playing tennis, go-karts, and Italian food. He also has over 13 years of experience in the translation industry leading language operation teams.

January 6, 2024

SEO is a common marketing term, but most people outside the marketing space aren’t quite familiar with it. However, if you’ve searched for anything online, you’ve already experienced SEO firsthand. In business, most companies use SEO for market growth, but many don’t make the most out of their SEO strategy, especially after globalizing their business.

So, how does SEO relate to translation and globalization, and what kinds of businesses would benefit most from SEO translation? While every global company can benefit from marketing translation services, does SEO translation really matter in the big picture? Read on to find out:


What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (often shortened to SEO) is a series of steps marketers use to improve their search rankings on various web browsers. While some companies may simply pay for a spot on Google’s front page, websites that utilize SEO don’t pay for their ranking. Instead, they use a combination of keywords, strategically placed links, and website optimization to bring their page to the top.

How do SEO rankings work? If you’ve used a search engine, you’ve experienced SEO rankings firsthand. Let’s say you search for “interpretation services” on your web browser. To get these results, the browser uses an AI called a “web crawler” to quickly scan and rank pages related to your search. The first pages you see are the highest-ranking, and since most people don’t look past the first page of search results, these sites get the most traffic.

What is SEO Translation?

If SEO has to do with browsers, where do translation agencies fit in? Let’s return to the previous example with a new question: If someone spoke a different language than you, would they use the same search terms to find interpretation services in their native language?

They probably wouldn’t.

That’s where SEO translation comes in. Globalized, multilingual websites have dozens of pages in dozens of languages, and each language comes with its own unique set of keywords that web crawlers look for. Keyword translation is essential to attract web traffic from other countries and from people who speak other languages.

Does my Business Need SEO Translation?

All businesses can benefit from SEO translation, especially if they target audiences who speak a variety of languages. However, some businesses need SEO translation more than others:

Businesses in Specialized Industries

Highly specialized industries, like Bonzai care or cooking websites, create content that focuses on a unique service, special event, or a specific question their customer base might have. These businesses will benefit from having translated blog posts optimized for SEO in a given language.

Personal Selection Businesses

If your business is dedicated to finding talent, a good SEO strategy will help potential candidates contact you more quickly and efficiently. Casting agencies and hiring sites can benefit from having their advertisements and job postings translated and keywords optimized.

Corporate Businesses

Even the biggest, oldest businesses still benefit from SEO, and with the internet’s turbulent landscape, SEO best practices are constantly changing. Many businesses that are already established and considered “corporate” look for marketers to keep their websites updated for SEO best practices for steady web traffic.


SEO Translation and Marketing

Whether your project is within any of the three categories or not, your globalization plan must include SEO translation. Doing so will ensure that your new target audience will find you and that you’ll get interaction out of your adapted marketing strategies. In addition, SEO translation will benefit the quality of your website,  content, and image to a global audience.

Ready to Make the Front Page of Google?

Ready to get started on your next translation project? Traduality has everything you need to succeed; create your first project today and find vetted translators, or book a meeting with us to learn more about your specific needs.  

Updated 2/21/2024. 


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