Accurate Translations are Key for Success

Drive your organization’s success and preserve your reputation with professional translations. High-quality professional translations have a positive impact on your corporate image, organization’s culture, and sales revenue.

Professional Translation Services

Choose the translation package that better fits your needs and send us the content you need translated, or get in touch to create an API connection and improve your organization’s service experience. Our translation services undergo an extensive quality process to make sure your translated content is error-free and compliant with the standards ISO 17100:2015 when you hire professional translation services and ISO 18587:2017 when opting for neural machine translation services.

Professional Translation

A service provided by a team of professional translators experienced in the subject matter of your needs.

This is your best option if your organization needs translations frequently or every once in a while, and you can afford waiting for a human professional to provide accurate and high-quality professional translations. Unlike most translation companies, we give you choices for your translation, which allow you to get translation services according to your needs, budget, and expectations.

Neural Machine Translation

This service involves an AI trained to translate like a human would, with an accuracy of up to 95%. It is capable of translating millions of words within minutes.

This is your best choice when your organization produces large quantities of text that need translation but you cannot afford waiting for human translation speed. In order to make sure the resulting translation is professional, all machine translated material will undergo post-editing and quality assurance by human professionals.

Certified Translation

This type of translation is one usually required by a government entity such as immigration, consulates, court houses, or universities.

With a network of 100+ certified translators in the United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Japan, we are certain we can be your best partner in certified translations.

Just send us pictures of the documents you need translated to get a quote. We send the translations to your doorstep in all 4 countries where we provide this service.

API Compatibility

The regular translation service process involves requesting pricing quotes constantly as well as back and forth email communications. Tackle this inefficient way of receiving services by enabling us to connect to your CMS or preferred file sharing application.

Our content connector creates an API connection to your organization file sharing platform such as Dropbox, OneDrive or your internal CMS. Once the connection is established, authorized personnel from your different departments can use your platform to send us content for translation.