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Written by Diego Achio

The CEO & Co-founder of Traduality. Diego loves visiting national parks, playing tennis, go-karts, and Italian food. He also has over 13 years of experience in the translation industry leading language operation teams.

January 6, 2024

Who hasn’t dreamed of taking their business to another country? I am sure you have, even though it is highly probable that you think that, to reach that goal, your project must be massive. It doesn’t have to be that way since globalization might be the way to grow. Professional translation services can help businesses easily achieve globalization by translating marketing content into various languages for readers worldwide.

Overall, internationalization via marketing translation has many benefits, but before getting into them, it’s important to understand the difference between professional translation services and certified translation services. To best understand their differences, take a look at this article about the differences between notarized, certified, and official translations.


What is a “Small Business?”

Small businesses tend to vary between industries, but the US Department of State classifies them as for-profit, privately-owned companies significantly smaller than the average company within the industry. In most cases, small businesses include companies with 10-100 employees. Small and medium businesses (SMBs) are the most common businesses worldwide and have the highest growth potential out of any business type.

Translation companies can help your small business achieve globalization in several different ways. All you’ll need to do is provide a subject-matter expert (SME) to ensure that complex jargon is translated correctly!


Benefits of Translation for Small Businesses

Professional translation services cover different disciplines, from technical translation to administrative and marketing translation. Whatever you need for your clients and future clients can be addressed with translation.

Overall, there are four ways translation services can benefit your small business:

  1. Show a professional image to your employees and clients. Clients will feel comfortable and valued with a good translation. In addition, you will stand out from the competition since not all companies worry about hiring professional translation services. That will be reflected in your products, sales, and web traffic.
  2. Marketing campaigns will be more effective, especially if the translation agency has localization services. Remember that translation is not about transferring words from one language to another; depending on the region, some terms might differ. Effective marketing translation services will build effective international marketing campaigns.
  3. Increase in sales. By adapting your marketing strategy to your new market, clients will notice how much you care about sharing your products and services. This will give them confidence in choosing your business for their needs.
  4. Eliminate language barriers. The sky’s the limit! If you want to expand your business overseas markets, you can do it! The more international presence you have, the more opportunities you will have to increase that presence (and your profits).

As you can see, using translation to achieve internationalization is a path of growth, not the end goal.

Ready to Get Started?

Ready to get started on your next translation project? Traduality has everything you need to succeed; create your first project today and find vetted translators, or book a meeting with us to learn more about your specific needs.  

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