How Much Do Translation Services Cost Per Page?

Although translation services aren’t often charged per page, there are several instances where you’ll encounter per-page translation charges. So, how much does it cost to translate one page, and how do you calculate these translation costs? 


What is the Pricing Structure for Translation Services? 

There are several ways to charge for translation services, which may vary depending on the type of service you need: 

Translation Rate Per Word

The most common way translators charge for services is per word. By charging per word, language service providers can set rates for more in-demand languages and control those rates as demand changes. Since this is the most widely used pricing structure, just about any translation service can be charged per word. 

Translation Rates Per Page 

Although not as commonly used as the per-word pricing model, some translators calculate translation costs per page. Per-page pricing often comes in handy when translating documents with particular formatting, like IDs, passports, or academic transcripts. Thus, you’ll likely see per-page pricing for legal translation services, specifically for notarized, certified, or official translations. 

Translation Rates Per Hour 

When a translator charges per hour for services, it’s usually because the translation takes extra time to complete. For example, if a translator needs to reformat text in a photo editing program to complete the project, they may add an hourly charge for the labor. Translators may also charge per hour when transcribing audio into a different language. 

ways to charge for language services infographic

How do You Calculate Translation Rate? 

Aside from project type, many factors can also affect the final cost of your translation project. Translators and translation companies usually create price quotes to help give you an estimate of your project costs based on a sample. You can also use a translation cost calculator to get a rough estimate of translation costs. To get the best cost estimate for your project, here are some things to keep in mind: 

  • The Type of Service You Need: Some translation services cost more than others simply because they are more time-consuming or require specialized knowledge to complete properly. For example, translating medical documents requires specific medical knowledge across multiple languages; your translator will need extensive medical knowledge to create a proper translation. 
  • Your Project Deadline: Just like commissioning an artist or ordering a last-minute service, your project deadline will also affect the final cost of translation. Some translators will provide you with an estimated due date alongside their price quote, but if you need a project ASAP, you’ll have to pay rush fees. 
  • The Language Pairs You Need: Some language pairs are more in demand than others and will thus be less expensive to translate because more translators are available. English-to-Spanish translation rates, for example, cost less than Spanish-to-German translation rates. 
  • The Complexity of Your Project: Depending on the complexity of the translations needed, you might pay more for a project. Typically, translation services come with multiple levels of complexity that will vary in price depending on their needs: free translation, interpretative translation, and literal translation. While literal translations are the least expensive, they aren’t ideal for translating creative content. Free and interpretative translations, on the other hand, tend to cost more because they require more time editing the translation. This ensures that the translated content makes sense to audiences and resonates with them on an emotional level. 

How Much Does it Cost to Translate 1000 Words? 

So you need to know someone’s translation rate per 1000 words. While most translators don’t charge for services this way, calculating translation costs by every thousand words is great for longer texts, like books, film scripts, or academic papers. To calculate translation costs for a 1000-word project, multiply the per-word translation cost by 1000. 

how to calculate the cost of a 1000 word translation


How Much Does it Cost to Translate a Document? 

Document translation services aren’t all priced equally: depending on the factors mentioned above, the final cost of document translation services may be higher than just your project’s word count times the cost per word. In addition, document translation services also often require specific rules, regulations, and expertise that not every translator can provide. Here are some additional requirements that may play into your final price: 

  • Specialization: just like any other translation, document translation services may require translators who specialize in different fields, and ultimately, the type of document you need to translate will play a significant role in the final cost. For example, if you need an academic transcript translated, your per-word rate will differ from that of a medical translation since medical translation rates per word are usually higher. 
  • Language Pairs: Even if a translation company charges by the page, your language pair may still affect the final cost of your translation. Like per word prices, more in-demand languages tend to cost less: English-to-Spanish translation rates per page will be lower than Spanish-to-Urdu. 
  • Government Requirements: If you require document translation services for bureaucratic purposes, you’ll likely need a notarized, certified, or official translation. Since these services are particular and not every translator can provide this service, your per-page cost will likely be higher. For example, the United States’ USCIS has strict translation requirements for documents in languages other than English. Translations must also meet those requirements, so translators need to be aware of who or what they’re translating a document for. 
  • Extra Services: Not all documents are readily editable. If a translator has to work with a file in PDF format or follow specific formatting guidelines, the project will likely cost extra to compensate for the time it takes to work on reformatting or recreating a document. 
  • Shipping: Notarized, certified, and official translations are meant for government purposes, so you might likely have to mail your translations too. While some translation companies can ship translations out directly, you’ll likely have to cover the shipping cost. If you need a translation shipped, always ask if shipping costs are included in the final price of your translation. 

How Much Does it Cost to Translate a Document from English to Spanish? 

Many factors affect translation services’ cost per page, and as mentioned above, language pair plays a significant role. Depending on your location, some language pairs may also be more common than others, meaning prices might vary based on location. Generally, the most common language pair in the United States is English and Spanish, so English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-English translation rates tend to be the most affordable. Online, the average rates for English-to-Spanish translations (and vice versa) range between $0.10 and $0.25 per word. 


How Much is Legal Translation per Page? 

Legal translations will typically cost more than your average translation project because legal translators need specific experience translating legal documents. They need to know the ins and outs of each country’s legal systems, terms, and regulations and often specialize in only a few languages. But how much does a legal translation cost? Typically, you’ll pay between $25 and $60 per page for legal translations, depending on what you need the translation for and the language pair involved. 

How Much Do Certified Translations Cost? 

Certified translations also fall into the legal field and are most common when translating essential documents like birth certificates, passports, and academic transcripts. Certified translations must be formatted like the source document and require a certificate of authenticity signed by the translator. Certified translation costs usually range between $25 and $60, depending on the type of document required and the language pair involved. 


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