Saving Time, Stopping Burnout: How MDB Reduced Sourcing Time by 92% with Traduality

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MDB Inc. saves 92% of its project time by finding interpreters through Traduality. 

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Achieved Results


Time Saved Finding and Vetting Interpreters


Reduction in Employee Burnout


Health and environmental consulting group MDB Inc. works with companies across industries to provide creative solutions to various environmental and public health challenges. Expert consultants work directly with clients and offer a variety of services, including web development, strategic communications, data science and project management, training programs, and education.  

In the past, MDB has worked with federal and state agencies, universities, and non-government institutions. Their vision for a brighter future is summarized in their slogan. “Doing Well by Doing Good.” 


The Challenge

MDB’s main goal was to provide extra accessibility to clients, especially the ones within the federal government. This meant providing language accessibility during press releases, conferences, and translation services for related materials. MDB put a lot of time and resources into negotiating with interpretation service providers. Kerri Voelker at MDB notes, “We spent a lot of labor hours finding someone who was available, negotiating rates, familiarizing them with the topic, etc.” In some cases, “we’d use a staff member to assist with translation of documents, but they were already overworked, and this was an added burden.” 


The Solution

To ease their staff’s workload and ensure every presentation achieves the accessibility it deserves, MDB has been using Traduality’s marketplace and project management tools to find simultaneous interpretation and translation services since 2022. 

By utilizing Traduality’s linguist marketplace, MDB could easily access an array of skilled, vetted interpreters they could trust with their projects. By viewing interpreters’ portfolios directly from the application, MDB recruiters didn’t have to go back and forth between language service providers to see their qualifications and work. In addition, the ability to create interpretation projects via the platform further lessened MDB’s sourcing time since translators and interpreters could view and apply them to their projects directly.  


The Outcome


Languages Translated


Hours Saved Per Project


Savings Per Project when Compared to Other Providers

According to Kerri Voelker, Traduality’s translators and interpreters were not only excellent time-savers but lifesavers, too. Voelker states that: 

“We didn’t often offer interpretation for our meetings, but when we did, we used an assortment of independent interpreters before finding Traduality… Being able to go Traduality for this has been a huge time saver.”

As a result of our collaboration, MDB Inc. reduced its time sourcing language service providers by over 90%. Without spending so much time finding linguists for translation and interpretation projects, the MDB staff could focus more on their work, resulting in faster turnaround times for MDB clients. MDB was also able to relieve a lot of stress from their bilingual staff members, who were previously asked to translate projects on occasion.  

With the help of Traduality’s vetted linguist marketplace, MDB staff and their clients could rest easy knowing each presentation, conference, and event achieved the language justice it deserves. Now, MDB can continue doing good with increased accessibility to its services.