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Book Writer

Written by Anneli Alfaro

April 15, 2022

Why should you translate your literary content?

If you’re a writer with years of experience, or if you’re just getting started in the journey of portraying your ideas and creativity on paper, surely you’ve wondered if you should have your content translated. To make it a little bit more interesting, have you ever imagined how much your audience could grow worldwide? Today I’ll share with you some of the several reasons why having your literary content translated would benefit you and would bring you profits as a writer.


Literary Translation

Whether you like to write content based on science fiction, romance, horror, thriller, religion or self-help books, the translator will be in charge of portraying the ideas from the original text to the target text. Additionally, the translator will be in charge of adjusting the translated text to the culture of the target audience.


Why should I have my literary content translated?

Nowadays people are looking for their next dose of entertainment, a book to read before going to bed or as a part of their morning routine. This doesn’t happen in one part of the world exclusively, but it’s a worldwide matter. Therefore, this is the 1st advantage that, as a writer, you should seize in order to reach a greater audience.


Advantages of Having your Book Translated


  • Spreading Your Content

It’s no secret that languages connect us with other cultures. How would you introduce yourself to a person from another country if you don’t speak their language? Have you noticed that when you open yourself to this opportunity, you’re also opening doors to new opportunities that surpass your linguistic and cultural borders? Think about it. Every author would like that its content reaches a greater audience.


  • The greater the audience, a greater gain.

After you’ve reached an audience that surpasses your linguistic and cultural borders, readers will ask for more. Whether it’s a second or a third part. Therefore, this will lead you to keep doing what you love: Portray ideas and creativity on paper by giving continuity to your story, which will lead you to greater gains.


  • You never know who will benefit from your content

Whether you write content on self-growth or just informative, you’ve got nothing to lose when getting your content translated so that a greater audience is enriched by your content, which can only happen when you reach out to translation experts.


  • You will be limitless

Clearly, your content can’t be translated to every language in the world from one day to another. However, in order to break the cultural and linguistic barriers, you can start off with the language of the nearest country. For example, if you’re an author living in the United States, you can start off by requesting your content to be translated to Spanish from Mexico. This way, your content will eventually break barriers.


In Traduality Language Solutions you’ll be assisted by professional translators who will help you break the linguistic and cultural barriers so that your literary content reaches a greater audience and therefore you’ll get the benefits you deserve as a writer. Don’t think twice about it, book a meeting with us to receive information and start working to break linguistic barriers together!

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