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Pharmaceutical translation

Written by Javier Arizpe

April 23, 2021

Why Is Pharmaceutical Translation Important?

Professional translation services are as diverse as the number of languages that exist. Similar to how you may need the translation of an article for your website, you may need the translation of a new product description for your online store or the translation of that important presentation you need to give at your business meeting.

Work fields within a translation agency are unlimited, and, in this article, I’ll talk to you about one of them: pharmaceutical translation. I’ll share with you its benefits, as well as the importance of hiring a professional translation agency for this kind of translation. If you want to know how to distinguish a professional translator, we recommend you to check in detail our other article that shares this information.


What Is Pharmaceutical Translation?

Pharmaceutical translation is a type of specialized translation that is in charge of translating biohealth documents. This type of translation requires a vast knowledge of the technical language that is used in the medical field, as well as to follow the protocols and quality procedures required by this area.

In general, the texts that need pharmaceutical translation are labels and medication boxes, laboratory tests, pharmacology studies, scientific articles, advertising of pharmaceuticals, patents, pamphlets, protocols, training documents, laboratory reports, and forms.


The Importance of Pharmaceutical Translation

Think about the last time that you were sick and the doctor gave you a prescription for a medication that would heal you. The doctor told you how and when you had to take it. Now, imagine that he gave you the wrong instructions, then you would have to verify those instructions with the information on the backside of the medication, but it is in another language… what would you do if you don’t know that language? What will you think to happen to your body if you take the medication without knowing its content?

The pharmaceutical translation is important because people’s health depends on it. It needs both medical and regulatory documentation in order to do it. If such translation services didn’t exist, people wouldn’t be able to read medicine instructions, or doctors couldn’t read new research papers from other countries and that could help them to save lives in their own country. It would be chaotic, don’t you think?


Translation Agencies and Pharmaceutical Translation

As I mentioned here before, tons of lives depend on pharmaceutical translation. One translation mistake could cause enough confusion that the inspectors would have to take off the product from the market. In the worst of cases, it could cause the death of some people.

For this reason, not just any translation agency is qualified to perform this type of translation service. Is not just about knowing the language or some general terms, is about being a specialist in the area, knowing every detail that is needed for fulfilling quality standards, and being conscious about how pertinent and clear the translation needs to be.

A professional translation agency can offer this service alongside capable translation experts, that is why, if you need your pharmaceutical documents to be translated, it is important to hire an adequate translation service.

In Traduality, we count on highly capable specialists with vast knowledge in the area. They will deliver work on time and they’ll do it taking into account every single detail and using the latest technology to guarantee the excellence that this rigorous field needs. Schedule a meeting today and check it out!

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