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Written by Javier Arizpe

September 23, 2020

What’s the necessary equipment for simultaneous interpretation in conferences?

As we’ve talked about in some other articles, simultaneous interpreting is quite useful in conferences, meetings, and lectures where we need to know immediately what the speaker is saying. But, what do we need exactly to help, both the speaker and the interpreter, to do their jobs without getting in each other way? Nowadays, we have specialized equipment for this task, so in this article we’ll talk about the basic devices and equipment for simultaneous interpreting.

If you’re in charge of requesting quotes for an event like this, it is important for you to make the right questions to your service provider so you can get the necessary equipment according to the logistics of your event. You should also remember that you’ll need to hire more than one professional if your event is planned to last more than two hours.

For a simultaneous interpreting job, the following is necessary:


There are two types: full size and tablet top booths, but they all are sound-proof. This is an essential element because it keeps the interpreter from listening the sounds caused by the conference participants. Sounds that might interfere with his or her work. A booth is also useful to get the interpreter’s voice sound loud and clear for the audience’s receivers.

Interpreter consoles

This device gets the words of the speaker to the interpreter, and then, the interpreted speech to the audience members who are wearing receivers. This piece of equipment must be placed inside the booth so the interpreters can control their headphones volume. This is a basic device, specially when there’s more than one service provider, so one can turn off their microphone, while the other works.


Receiver are portable devices that let the audience hear the interpretation in their ear pieces. Don’t forget to ask in your quotation request for the right amount of these devices, so every one who needs it, gets one.



Transmitter and sound equipment

Sound devices include speakers, microphones, and every important cable and wire. And transmitter equipment includes every device that transmits radio waves from the microphone to the speakers and the interpreter console, and then, the interpreter’s voice to the receivers.

These are the most important pieces of equipment, however, don’t forget to ask whatever question you have to your service provider so your event goes without problem.

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