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March 8, 2018

What you need to know before starting a global marketing strategy


Any global marketing strategy requires a bit of human intuition, interest in creative and innovative aspects and, above all, multidisciplinary knowledge.

For example, if you want to conquer the Middle East market you must be careful not to promote products or services that offend their religious beliefs, if you prefer the China market it is necessary to know their communication networks to introduce your business, and if you opt for European countries it is important to investigate whether your product or service is not a plagiarism of another already existing.

I’ve summarized some things you’d like to know before you start a global marketing strategy without wasting time and money.


Make sure your translator is an expert in what you sell

This is more important than you can imagine. When translators do not fully understand the market or the characteristics of a product, the perspective of content can change. As a result, the goal of promotion is lost as it fails to attract the attention of the target public.

Avoid discrepancies in the content you are trying to promote to the international market, hiring a specialized translator or training them to know in depth your products and services.

Don’t forget to give them any important detail, as corrections can cost you time and money.

Before you start localizing your business, always make sure you have someone who can reliably correct all your translations.

It usually happens that the sales rep in that region is the test checker, but we all know that it is not a sustainable idea, because that person has other responsibilities, lacks time and may not read in depth what is being delivered.


Pay attention to what works in your new market

You must understand what can be done in global markets before you start marketing your products and/or services. This covers from what means to use, to how to talk to customers. Any promotion should be evaluated to determine what works and what doesn’t.

These three things that seem very simple make the difference when creating your global marketing strategy. And before I finish I want to give you one last tip: Make sure you have the right people to help you get it right.


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