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remote interpretation

Written by Javier Arizpe

June 18, 2021

What Are The Benefits of Remote Interpreting?

It is now possible to organize full events in the comfort of our homes thanks to the Internet, which has brought great advantages, but also new challenges. After all, the more options we have, the more complex the matter gets. Now distance is no longer an impediment, and professional translation services help us language barriers disappear.

In this article, I will talk about one of these services: the remote interpreting. I will talk a little bit about what interpreting services are, their benefits, and why you should make the most of them in order to achieve successful events.


What Is Interpreting?

Interpreting is the process in which a specialist translates an oral message from one language to another. Unlike translation, interpreting tends to happen in real-time and uses a sound system to guarantee the best possible precision.

There are different types of professional interpreting services such as simultaneous, consecutive, liaison, and whisper interpreting. Each one of them has its own characteristics and benefits, so if you want to know what type of interpreting is suitable for your event, I invite you to check out this article about it.


Benefits of Remote Interpreting

When we talk about remote interpreting, we mean interpreting services, except that it isn’t necessary for the interpreters to be physically in the event, only a stable Internet connection is enough for them to perform their duties. This is one of the main advantages, for neither you nor your interpreter are limited by geography, which saves time. Other benefits include:

  • Flexibility and high availability: As I mentioned, space isn’t an issue, so remote services are flexible when it is about time. Besides, if you have an emergency meeting, you will only need a stable Internet connection, so the interpreter can be present.
  • Efficiency in the organization and logistics: When it is a remote service, you don’t need to hire sound equipment. The interpreter already has the software and necessary tools, which makes the interpretation process easier.
  • Great diversity: You can include more speakers or potential clients in your events, but you will also be able to access more interpreters. One day you may need Spanish interpreters, and the next day, you may need Chinese interpreters.
  • Expenses saving: When it is a remote service, there is no need of worrying about translation and staying expenses. This will definitely help you save that budget and invest it in something else you consider important for the event.

As you can see, remote interpretation is a great tool that can help you to grow and it has a variety of advantages over traditional interpreting. At Traduality we have been providing interpreting services for more than ten years, and we have a huge network of professionals ready to offer high-quality work.

If you need a remote simultaneous interpretation, we have our own platform. It counts with multilingual compatibility, so the speakers won’t be interrupted. And if you need a remote consecutive interpretation, we use the most reliables platforms for video conferences of the market. We also offer traditional interpretation services. We can adapt to any interpretation or translation need that you may have. Contact us and we can make your next multilingual event!

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