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September 30, 2023

What are the Advantages of a Multilingual Website?

Whether you’re looking to globalize or have a webpage specifically directed to international markets, creating a multilingual (or bilingual) website is key. As competition grows and the internet’s reach expands, it’s becoming necessary for business owners to adapt their pages to the growing linguistic needs of potential clients.

However, not all businesses need multilingual websites. For example, small businesses that thrive off a single brick-and-mortar location might not need multilingual options for their website. Instead, these businesses would benefit most from translating content to cover the area’s two most widely spoken languages. With a constantly changing internet landscape, multilingualism is a necessity, especially for businesses that run primarily online.


What Are the Advantages of a Multilingual Website?

So, what are the advantages of translating your website? Here are three of our favorites:

Boost Site Traffic

Translating web content into several languages immediately broadens your target audience. There are millions of people interested in your content and products who don’t need a new marketing strategy, just translated marketing content. By translating your website’s content, you’ll immediately be able to reach out to these people around the world.

Increase Revenue

An increase in web traffic also includes an increase in sales. Whether you generate revenue through clicks or product purchases, the increased traffic to your multilingual website will increase revenue all the same.

Improve SEO Rankings

Let’s say that you’d like to translate your content into Spanish. This includes translating all of your website’s SEO keywords from one language into Spanish. The SEO translation process plays an essential role in website translation: it takes your original content’s SEO keywords and translates them into another language, allowing you to rank higher on that language’s specific search rankings.


What to Consider When Translating Your Website

Before diving into translating your web content, there are still a few things to keep in mind:

  • Both Google and your audience value accurate translations, making your business look more professional and projecting a reliable and responsible brand image to your potential clients.
  • Google’s search engine works based on algorithms to position your website. One of them studies the language to locate it according to its quality. That’s why you have to take into account the spelling and style. The algorithm might deem your page fraudulent if the translation has too many errors.
  • It is also necessary to adapt the keywords and tags in the language you’re translating the document into, as well as the titles and articles of your page.


How to Translate Your Website

The best way to get started translating your website is to employ the assistance of a translation agency. Translation agencies and translation marketplaces like Traduality offer clients access to a variety of translators who specialize in thousands of languages. Avoid machine translation devoid of human touch to ensure your translations remain accurate. Contact us today to learn more about how your business can improve with the help of human post-editing, or schedule a demo to learn more about the Traduality marketplace, where you can browse and communicate with translators, manage projects, and pay for services all in one place.

Updated 9/18/2023.

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