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Translation for small companies

Written by Traduality

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December 3, 2021

Translation Services for Small Companies

Who hasn’t dreamed of taking their business to another country? I am sure you have, even though it is highly probable that you think that, in order to reach that goal, your project must be really big. Let me tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way, since your internationalization dream might be your way to grow.

In this article, I will talk about it in detail, and will show you the benefits you might obtain from hiring professional translation services in order to achieve your goal.

Before we start, let me invite you to check out this other article about the differences between Official Translation vs Professional Translation, since it will help you decide what type of translation you will need for your business.


Is my Business a “Small Company”?

First, you should know that small companies have between 11 and 30 employees, or that its sales do not exceed a certain amount. This type of companies are the most predominant globally, along with medium-sized enterprises. Therefore, such companies have a greater potential to grow.

As a consequence, translation companies can help you achieve internationalization in different ways. By hiring their services, your company will receive benefits. The only thing you need to take care of is that your translation agency is an expert, because the Challenges of Translating Technological Texts are complex and not everyone is able to face them, as you can see in this other article.


Benefits of Translation for a Small Company

Professional translation services can cover different disciplines, from translation of manuals and processes to translation of marketing strategies, and translation of web sites. Whatever you need for your clients or future clients can be addressed with translation.

Now, why should you worry about that? What are the benefits for you and your company? The 5 most important reasons are listed below:

  • You show a professional image to your employees and clients. They will feel comfortable and valued with a good translation.
  • You will stand out from the competition, for not all the companies worry about hiring professional translation services. That will be reflected on your products and sales.
  • Your marketing campaigns will be more effective, specially if the translation agency has localization specialists. Remember that translation is not about transferring words from one language to another, and depending on the region, some terms might be different.
  • You will have more sales either because your marketing strategy will be adapted to your new market or because the clients will notice how much you care about sharing with them, which will give them confidence to get your products and services.
  • No more geographical barriers. Sky is the limit! If you want to expand your business to American, European, and Asian markets, you can do it! The more international presence you have, the more opportunities you will have to increase it even more.

As you can see, using translation to achieve internationalization is a path to grow and not the end of the race.

Traduality Language Solutions is one of the best translation companies in Mexico, we have professional translators that are able to take on your marketing strategies, blogs, manuals, and everything you need in order to be successful in a new market. Get in contact with us and achieve your dream!

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