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Gastronomic translation

Written by Javier Arizpe

October 22, 2021

Translation in the Culinary Industry

If you have a restaurant or work in the culinary industry, you know that food is much more than it is. Through the culinary industry, it is possible knowing other cultures you never imagined. With that in mind, how can you ensure that your clients live an unforgettable experience whenever they visit your business? Is seasoning good enough or is there something else?

In this article, I’ll talk about translation in the culinary industry and how you can make the most of it in order to internationalize your business and provide your clients with an exceptional quality service. Also, I invite you to check out this other article about the benefits of translation in the tourism industry, since local is the first level to grow and it is important you consider this type of professional translation services.


Translation and Gastronomy

First of all, remember that not everyone can translate professionally. The culinary industry uses terms highly related to the local culture. Therefore, only specialized translation agencies can manage to properly translate names of dishes, ingredients, and more. Having this into consideration will help you avoid miscommunication with your clients. This will also show that you worry about their experience in your business.

And, what kind of material can be translated? The obvious is the menu, but it isn’t the only thing. Translation in the culinary industry includes recipes, restaurant introduction letters, culinary reviews, cooking manuals, magazines or blogs reports, marketing strategies, etc. You can also have websites translated so your clients find you before arriving at your business, as well as the articles and keywords your page may contain. The limit will be defined by the creative side of advertising translation.


Why Is Translation Important in the Culinary Industry?

A good translation will allow you to get closer to your clients. Besides, it will give your business a professional image, and will also make your clients feel more comfortable and appreciated when they see you care they recognize the meals you offer.

Think about the following: would you eat in a restaurant with the name Coca-Cola translated in Spanish as “Cocaine Tail” or bottle of wine as “she came in a bottle”? It gives the impression that if they don’t care about proper names, then they would not worry about how the meals are prepared either, don’t you think?

On the other hand, a good translation will allow more people to find you. Remember that when we travel to another country, we don’t necessarily speak the local language, and finding restaurants that offer services we can understand provides a calming effect. This represents a competitive advantage over other businesses, which also means you will have more clients.

As you could see, culinary translation can provide you many benefits.

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