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Social Media and Translation

Written by Montserrat González

Montserrat is a professional translator who likes to read and write fictional stories. There's nothing she enjoys more than spending time with her friends and family.

July 9, 2021

Translation in Social Media

Have you ever used apps such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? And what about LinkedIn or Pinterest? If you had, then you are part of the million users that enter social media daily. But think about it… Do you believe these apps would be that popular if they weren’t available in different languages? Not everyone speaks English… would you use them if they weren’t in your native language?

For this reason, the translation of new technologies is really important, and today I’ll talk about social media and how professional translation services are part of them. After all, multilingualism in social networks and how it impacts your business is highly important as you can see in this other article.


What Are Social Media and How Do They Work?

Social media are sites and applications that allow the interchange of information between users inside the virtual world. Nowadays, there are more than 4,330 million people active on social media, and this number increases each day since to use them you only need to have an Internet connection, an electronic device, and an account within the application, for which you only need your name and email address.

Now you may be wondering how do they work. since it’s easy to access them, besides having a huge quantity of active users. Well, social media use algorithms and keywords to filter all the content that is created in them and show specific matters according to the users’ needs. For example, if you like rock, some pages and videos about that music genre will be displayed. In that way, they maintain the users interested and encourage them to continue using that social media.


Social Media and Translation

Having this in mind, why translation services would be important for social media? Let’s go back to the rock example. Imagine that while browsing Facebook, you see an ad for a store that is selling your favorite band’s album. You start reading it and surprisingly it is in English and the Spanish translation option is not available. What would you do? It would be easier to look for the CD on another site that has the information in your language, wouldn’t it?

That is why translation services are essential in social media because of their global reach. Remember that there are more than 4,330 million people using them, how many of them could be your potential clients? How many of them are you excluding because of the language barrier?

These professional translation services can help you to have a greater reach and create a quality experience using localization. It is really important to translate but also to adapt the content to the culture of future potential clients so that they can make a connection with your product. Here is when localization takes an important role in the business strategy for your new social media or posts/content that you share on it.

In Traduality Language Solutions, we count on experts in the localization of digital products. If you want a multilingual business strategy, contact us!
Our translation agency works with the texts and multimedia documents that you need for your social media. We also count on localization services, so your content can be adapted to the culture of your clients. You can enjoy the benefits that social media offer you!

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