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translation of educational content

Written by Javier Arizpe

October 15, 2021

Translating Educational Content

If you are teaching online or you are in charge of an educational institution, you surely know how important digital media are as a strategy to publicize the services you offer. However, there is one aspect of these media that you may not know, but that many schools are taking the most of the translation of educational content.

Here I will talk about what translation in this area is and how you can use it successfully in your project to make it grow. The role of translation in digital marketing is huge, and if you are interested in knowing a little more about it, I invite you to check out this other article that talks about it.


Educational Translation

When you hear the terms education and translation, you probably might think of translation of books, activities, manuals, among other related documents. While it is indeed possible to translate these materials, translation in the educational sector can go further. Think about the universities and schools that offer educational programs for different countries. Surely they consider sharing their information in different languages to reach more students, don’t you think?

In this sense, translation plays an important role not only in pedagogical aspects but also in advertising. Having a good website translation or keyword translator becomes an essential part of the marketing strategy. Thus, translation in the educational sector can also cover blogs, websites, social media, educational brochures and much more.

Keeping this in mind, not all translation agencies can work with these projects. It is well-known that translating is much more than just transferring words from one language to another, and making a mistake might result in a potential lost student.

For example, if your new project consists of advertising your courses in the Mexican market, you might want to consider that some names and terms must be changed for the students to understand what you are talking about. If the terms are translated literally, it is possible that they don’t even understand what you offer. The same would happen if you wanted to get into the European or Asian market.

Therefore, hiring professional translation services from an experienced company is essential. Not only you will be guaranteed an excellent localization for your courses, but also for your marketing strategy. Likewise, it can bring you closer to your future students in a more personal way, since they will feel familiar with your offer and they will know that you are a professional who cares about image and work quality.

Traduality Language Solutions is one of the most reliable translation companies in Mexico. Our translators have experience in educational matters and e-Learning, as well as in localization services that will guarantee an adequate adaptation to the language and culture you need. Schedule a meeting with us and start exploring the new markets the world has to offer!

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