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September 23, 2020



We are pleased to invite all students and graduates of careers related to translation and interpretation to the first event organized by the Traduality Language Solutions. Our “2018 course for translators and interpreters” that will take place on Wednesday May 2nd, 2018 at 12:30 p.m. in the Alfonso Rangel Guerra Auditorium, at the School of Philosophy and Letters of the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo León ( click here for the location on Google Maps).

This 2-hour training was designed to inform you and update you as a student or a recent graduate on topics that are not commonly covered during your college education. However, this information has paramount importance for you to enter the working world prepared; as you should when beginning this new stage in your life.

The topics that will be covered during the event are the following:


Linguistic part

Speaker: Diego Achio | General Manager, Legal representative and co-founder of Traduality

  • Which languages should I learn to face 2019?
  • Which associations should I join?
  • What are my work options as a translator/interpreter
  • How to become a judicial translator
  • Software and tools for the translator/interpreter of today
  • Tips for managing your time as a professional translator
  • Language services rates in 2018
  • How to get clients as a freelance translator


Fiscal part

Speaker: Cynthia Herrera | Finance Manager and co-founder of Traduality

  • What is SAT and what tax obligations should I meet?
  • Types of tax regimes
  • What are ISR, VAT, VAT retention, etc.?
  • How to register on the SAT
  • How to bill and which codes I should use
  • All about the new bills
  • Important Dates
  • ISR Payment
  • Q&A session


How to sign in

General public fee: $560.00 MXN

UANL student fee: $330.00 MXN


Cash payment

You can pay your registration fee in the student council, located in the School of Philosophy and Arts of the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo León. You’ll get a receipt that you must show on the day of the event in order to enter the auditorium.


Payment by bank transfer

You can pay by wire transfer with the following information:

Bank: Scotiabank

Beneficiary: Luis Diego Achio Rojas

Account No.: 14503209717

CLABE (18 digits): 044580145032097176

You can pay at the bank or at your nearest OXXO store. Once you’ve paid, take a picture of you payment voucher, which you must send with your full name and registration number (if you are a UANL student) to the email: After that, you’ll receive a confirmation email, which you must print and show the day of the event to enter the auditorium.


Additional information

  • By attending this training you’ll receive a certificate of attendance which can be useful to complement your CV. It will be available for delivery on Friday, May 11th, 2018 at the student council, FFyL, UANL. It may be delivered at your home upon written request at for a small extra fee if shipping is within the metropolitan area.
  • On the day of the event we will share important news that our company has for the community of future professionals translators in Mexico.

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