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Written by Javier Arizpe

February 7, 2018

Traduality receives the Best Technical Translation Company of 2018 Award


Latin America News Magazine has given us the Best Technical Translation Company of 2018 Award, as a recognition of the achievements and successes obtained in the last 12 months, thanks to our high commitment as a translation services provider.

Mexican Business Excellence Awards is an initiative of Latin America News Magazine that recognizes the success of companies in various sectors and markets throughout Mexico, including the agricultural, hotel, tourism, financial services and legal industries, among others.

This award aims to stimulate and encourage healthy competition among companies, showing efficiency in management, business development and high quality of products and services provided by each of them.

On this occasion, Traduality has entered the list of nominees through an anonymous client, and from there the directive of Latin America News has been commissioned to carry out the evaluation, analysis, technical studies and qualification of the different companies considered.

The translators of Traduality with their award


This recognition has been received with great joy, as it rewards the effort made by our team of professional translators to meet the requirements of their clients, in order to provide a high quality service.


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