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Written by Traduality

Traduality helps organizations protect and get closer to its customers, employees, and partners in their native language.

January 13, 2021

Traduality Announces New Slogan, Vision, and Mission Statements

Traduality’s new purpose is to help its customers get closer to the people surrounding them.

Download the official press release by clicking here.

MONTERREY, NL. (Jan. 13, 2021) – Traduality Language Solutions officially announced today that its board of directors has approved a change to its slogan, mission and vision statement.

New slogan: Get closer to your people

New mission statement: To help our clients protect and become closer to their customers, employees, and everyone involved in their daily business operations through language localization and translation.

New vision statement: To improve organizations’ relationships with the people interacting with them in a daily basis and create solutions to help that happen faster and more efficiently.

“Up until late 2020, Traduality’s main focus was to provide top level translation related services meeting our clients’ expectations in both quality and service treatment”, expressed Diego Achío, Traduality’s founder and CEO. “However, we believe now that proving top level translation related services and meeting our clients’ expectations is not, and should not be a result but the process to achieve a higher purpose.”

With over 10 years of being in the translation industry, Traduality’s board of directors and project management team agree having seen how Traduality’s services have helped companies of a variety of sizes reduce liability and increase their relationship with key people like customers and employees.

“We have been present during key moments in our client’s life, like acquisitions, employee trainings, leadership changes, product launches, and more. They have told us about workplace accidents reducing after getting their corporate content translated and sales increasing after properly localizing their commercial content“, said Cynthia Herrera, Traduality’s Co-founder and CFO. “All these experiences made us realize that we are not just translating words into different languages, we are really helping make a positive change in the course of their businesses, even helping their financials by lowering liability and helping increase sales.”

Traduality’s board of directors approved this change in their corporate purpose as part of a new set of strategic goals, including improvement of clients relations using the Japanese Omotenashi approach and technological projects not yet disclosed.

About Traduality Language Solutions

Traduality Language Solutions uses translation and localization to help companies of any size protect and get closer to its employees, customers, and partners in their native language. Traduality does it by combining great ideas, incredible customer service, and the latest technologies with the best hand-picked professional translators to provide a wide range of translation-related solutions such as localization, interpreting, transcription, subtitling, product testing, and more. Traduality was founded in 2009 in Heredia, Costa Rica and currently has its HQ in Monterrey, Mexico. We have offices in Wilmington (DE, US), Monterrey (MX), Mexico City (MX), and Heredia, our founding city.

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