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The importance of proofreading services

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October 8, 2021

The Importance of Proofreading Services

Translation is part of our daily life. From a simple telephone manual to worldwide events that require interpretation to different languages in real-time.

But these professional translation services are very complex and big, that’s why they sometimes need complementary services such as proofreading. In this article, I’ll talk to you about this work and its characteristics, as well as the importance of getting quality documents.


How Does Proofreading Work?

Proofreading consists of reviewing the original document at the same time as the translation, making sure that everything has been translated correctly, that the document has no spelling mistakes and that the target audience will understand the text.

Why Should I Hire A Proofreader?

If you frequently require written translation services, I recommend you consider proofreading services for all your translations.

These services aren’t used because translators aren’t reliable, but rather to ensure perfect work. After all, every document is subject to a quality assurance process before being delivered.

And even though proofreading services are recommended for any type of written translation to ensure a high-quality job, there are certain situations in which it’s more important to count on this service. Below I will mention some of them:

  • When using machine translation services

On some occasions, clients need translations in a really short period of time. For faster service, clients choose machine translation that is made with an AI. This AI is faster than a professional translator but less accurate. That’s why is recommended to complement it with a human post-editing service. This way the translator will make sure that the machine work is perfect, these are called Machine Translation System and Human Post-Editing systems.

  • When being a big project and several translators work on it

There are some translations that consist of more than 20,000 words and are required in a short period of time. In such cases, a group of translators is needed to work on these large projects. The proofreader will be in charge of verifying that all terms and definitions match throughout the document, ensuring concordance. Since there are several translators, some may differ in the translations of certain terms.

  • When being localization projects

These projects are very important, as they consist more of adapting content to certain languages and therefore their cultures. In such cases, the help of a proofreader would be ideal, as the reviewer will be able to ensure that the content will be understood and accepted by the target audience.

These are three occasions when proofreading service is very useful for improving the translation. If you ever are in one of these situations, now you know that you can ask for a proofreader in order to get a high-quality job.


In Traduality Language Solutions, we offer a variety of packages, most of them include proofreading services to ensure perfection in your translated document. We also count on professional proofreaders that can review any translated text in any language.

Contact us to receive the best translation service you can find!

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    Thanks for sharing the importance of proofreading before submission after the translation process. I really appreciate your research.


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