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e-commerce languages

Written by Javier Arizpe

May 27, 2022

The e-commerce languages

Since we started spending more time at home and our chances of going out are more limited, we have adapted to our new lifestyle. One of the aspects that has changed the most is the way we buy. The E-Commerce has escalated ever since, because it has become a great business opportunity. Not too long ago we shared with you an article about the benefits of translating your e-commerce products, but this time I’ll tell you about the most used languages in online shopping.

It’s important to emphasize that, if your purpose is to expand your business internationally, you should create your e-commerce on a multilingual website, but you must research about the market that suits you best according to the products and services you offer. Take a look at the following most common languages used in online shopping to help you make the best decision when including other languages to your e-commerce.


The most common languages on the internet

If spreading your brand internationally is one of your dreams, you should know which languages are the most common on the internet, since this can help you find out which markets best suit your business. According to Statista, the most common languages used on the internet on early 2020s were:

English (25.9%)

Chinese (19.4%)

Spanish (7.9%)

Arabic (5.2%)

Indonesian/Malaysian (4.3%)

Portuguese (3.7%)

French (3.3%)

Japanese (2.6%)

Russian (2.5%)

German (2%)

Other languages (23.1%)

Although finding out which are the most requested languages is a good start, it’s just as essential knowing which specific languages are your best options according to your purposes. Remember, every market is different.


The most common languages used on the e-commerce

To find out more about the most convenient languages for your business, here are the most common languages used online worldwide. They’ll surely give you a better perspective on which language your platformshould be translated to.

English, the language in e-commerce

United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom take part in the English speaking countries that generate more income in online shopping. Moreover, English is the internet’s language by excellence because, as it was previously mentioned, such language represents 25.9% of use on the internet. Therefore, having a platform available in this language is essential for your online business.

Chinese, Japanese and Korean

Asian countries are located in one of the first places of online shopping. In fact, by 2017 China was the country with more sales in the world, owning 42% of online shopping worldwide.

On the other hand, Japan also stands out within the top 5 countries with the most sales. Therefore, this language should be considered for the localization of your e-commerce could benefit you greatly.

Lastly, although Korean is not in the list of the most used languages online, South Korea is undoubtedly one of the countries that generate more e-commerce income and it stands out among the top 10 places of the list.


By 2020, income by online e-commerce in this country reached the 77.2 billions €. This placed the Germanic country as the 2nd European country with more income through e-commerce.


The Russian market is currently on its emerging stage and has a lot of potential to take a stand in the upcoming years. In fact, between January and February of 2021, the e-commerce in Russia grew 44% in regards to the same period of last year to reach 4,680 millions € on income. Although Russian is located at the list of the most used languages online, your business may need this localization option to increase its growth.

Regardless of what or which languages you choose to localize your e-commerce to, remember you must adapt to the market, otherwise you could risk yourself to stay behind. Investing on localization for your business can make a great difference to achieve the success you’re seeking.


In Traduality Language Solutions we can help you achieve your dream of expanding your e-commerce on an international level, take the first step and contact us right away. We have the professional localization service you are looking for.

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