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September 23, 2020

The creative side of advertising translation

Nowadays, we can see ads everywhere we go. Not just on the media but on the streets, means of transportation, buildings, and products as well. All that surrounds us is liable to be translated.

Thanks to translation, we can see advertising in different languages. Here you’ll discover the importance of “transcreation” in the translation world. But before that…


What’s transcreation?

This term comes from the English word “transcreation”, a mix of the word translation and creation.

Transcreation is known as the changes made to the translation in order to attract the attention of the target culture. This aims the target audience to perceive the advertising translation as a text originally made for them and their culture, and not as a translation. That’s why it is also said to be a “creative translation” because it gives more freedom for translating, and you can modify the image and necessary elements to adapt them to the target text and audience.

Transcreation is not only essential in advertising translation, but in the translation of videogames as well. If you’re interested in this topic, I invite you to read more about the video game localization and transcreation.


Transcreation in advertising

As previously said, advertising translation can be found everywhere in the country, since we live now in the huge marketing world.

Advertising translation has an important role in marketing of companies or agencies that want to sell their products worldwide. To do that, the translator must adapt languages and cultures to attract the reader’s attention. Images are not all in advertising, the message will always be essential in ads.

Advertising is possible thanks to transcreation, and it needs different review filters for the translator to make a successful advertising translation with the advice of the publishing agency in charge of the campaign or product.

Transcreation is important in advertising not just because this translate ideas and concepts, but also reactions and feelings. Translation is as important as creativity.

And believe it or not, transcreation is everywhere. Who is not familiar with the slogan of the famous drinks company “Siente el sabor”? A good transcreation is always good for the image of a brand. The fact that this slogan is as great as its original “Taste the feeling“, is another reason why the advertising campaign was successful.

Don’t forget that you need a good translation and a good advertising strategy for the product to succeed.


Did you already know about transcreation? Creative translation is the funniest!

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