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Written by Montserrat González

Montserrat is a professional translator who likes to read and write fictional stories. There's nothing she enjoys more than spending time with her friends and family.

September 23, 2020

The Benefits of Translation within the Tourism Industry

Everybody likes to travel once or twice a year and we always want to discover more places around the world. You dream of visiting France but when a guest greets you with a classy bonjour, oh mon Dieu! That’s when the problem comes, as you never thought about how you’d communicate with foreign clients.

One of the elements that the tourism and hotel industry uses as a means to make themselves known is tourism translation. This translation specialization is a process that comes up in the tourism industry, in which the translator has to be updated due to the frequent changes and innovations in the area.

If you run a touristic business or a hotel, you’ll be sharing all your documents to translation agencies or freelance translators so they can meet the demand of the industry with translation, allowing you to sell your business’ image abroad and distinguishing it from the others. As part of this industry, you think of getting more clients by asking for the translation of your hotel’s or business’ information to different languages.

The article below will share with you some of the benefits that translation can bring to the tourism or hotel industry… And after reading it, you may want to get your content translated, so you can bring new customers from different countries!


Tourism Translation

Most of the companies request the translation of their posters and signs so their foreign clients can understand indications during their stay. In addition, the employee manuals are translated so all the employees can understand them. But what if the signs weren’t translated? What impact would this have on your business? These translated signs are very helpful for foreign clients, as they can have a guide and be aware of the safety guidelines of the hotel or touristic attraction. That is why their translation is always recommended. Tourists will feel at home when they see all signs in their language, so they will probably want to get back next summer.

Translation is a double-edged sword in the tourism industry, as in some occassions people think machine translators are a better, more economic, and faster option for their content than professional translators. What’s wrong with using machine translators? Well, what if the signs you translated with the machine translator give wrong indications to your clients? That’s a problem!

Clients can’t waste their time trying to understand a confusing translation of indications, guidelines, or safety protocols. In case of emergency, this could be a serious problem. Machine translation isn’t an option in this industry, so don’t be fooled with machine translators!

The benefits that professional translations would bring to your touristic business are the following:

  • The number of potential clients will constantly increase.
  • Your business’ image will transmit professionalism and a familiar and welcoming environment as you consider the different native languages of your clients.
  • The translation of your material such as signs, guidelines, menus, ads, etc., will be 100% accurate and truthful, obtaining the trust of your clients as you’re speaking to them in their language.
  • Your employees will be aware of the colloquial phrases of each language thanks to translation, therefore, they will be able to communicate with all clients.
  • You break the cultural barriers, making the clients feel at home.


Don’t forget that the client appreciates the information about the product more than the product itself. If your clients see that you include their language in the material of your business, they will want to get back next summer no matter how many stars your hotel has or the building appearance of your business. If you’re interested in reading more about this topic, I invite you to find out more about the importance of a good translation in the tourism industry.

Specialized translation will guide your business to success and Traduality Language Solutions can make it true. We provide high-quality technical translations made by our team of professional translators. They will ensure that your project obtains the expected results. Feel free to contact us for your tourism translations!

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