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June 4, 2020

The 10 most-famous English acronyms

Do you want to use English expressions while talking with your friend but you don’t want to write them all? Acronyms are an abbreviation that refer to common expressions, but sometimes we don’t know what they exactly mean. In this article, you will discover some of the English most-known acronyms or expressions.

As technology is constantly advancing, these types of expressions are frequently used. You can save time writing acronyms instead of complete words and it will let you be updated with the digital industry. The following acronyms became known due to their success on different social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. If you’re interested in reading about some other language curiosities, see 10 interesting sayings in Spanish and English so you can find out what do languages have to offer.



This expression means “Laughing Out Loud”.

Use: This is used to express joy and could be translated with any equivalent referring to laughing a lot, but sometimes it can be used sarcastically. Have you ever wrote “ha ha ha” to some friend without really laughing in real life?



This expression is used for “Oh My God”.

Use: We use this phrase to indicate surprise to an unknown or unexpected situation. When you start using this phrase, there’s no turning back. Did you know what is its meaning?



This expression stands for “I Love You”.

Use: This expression is used by people that are stuck in love, to be romantic with their person. This phrase can be also used with friends.



This phrase refers to “Happy Birthday”.

Use: This expression is one of the most used ones on social media, it is even used for hashtags… This phrase is used more than 10 million times on Instagram per day! We can use it to wish the best to our relatives or friends without writing too much.



This means… well, I don’t know! It isn’t that I don’t know… It literally means “I Don’t Know”.

Use: This is normally used for instant-messaging on social media. It’s very useful for any situation when you want to answer fast. You can save a lot of time with it and it’s not difficult to understand.



This expression stands for “Just Kidding” or “I was just kidding”.

Use: As the word says, we use it when we’re making a joke on social media as this is a way of having fun without using the entire phrase. Acronyms have their benefits!



This expression means “I Don’t Care”.

Use: This is used to show you’re not interested in some particular situation. So if someone starts to share medical terms with you, just say him/her… IDC!



This phrase stands for “Be Right Back”.

Use: This is one of the most famous expressions and it’s probably one of the first ones you used. In 2010, Windows Messenger was the most well-known instant-messaging program where the “emojis” arose. With these face symbols, you could share your mood or action without adding any text… You recognized It just by seeing the symbol. There was an emoji on Messenger that stood for “BRB”. If you zoomed in on the symbol, you could see this acronym. Amazing!



This phrase means “Also Known As”.

Use: This is widely known on social media to refer to someone’s nickname and it is used on instant-messaging.



The famous phrase used on a Katy Perry song means “Thank God It’s Friday”.

Use: Normally, it is used to thank the weekend’s arrival but also you can sing to its rhythm!


If you want to learn this language or any other one, you should read about the Top 5 of the Most Influential Languages of 2018 so you consider studying one of them. Have you ever seen these acronyms or phrases before? Share this article with your friends, so you can use these together!

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