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Written by Javier Arizpe

September 23, 2020

Reasons to translate your website’s terms and conditions


Having a website of your company is no longer an option but a necessity. If you want to cover an international market, this is where the translation of all or at least certain parts of the page acquires a huge importance.

You have to take into account that the usability of your page should be optimized according to the culture of your target audience which includes the language. Your page has to adapt to the algorithms of the browsers and it also has to attract the people who visit it, people that could be your clients in a near future.


Why translate the Terms and Conditions?

The usability and ease with which people can navigate your business page are of huge importance as they help to improve the user experience and increase their chances of coming back. In addition, in the usability that we speak are the linguistic aspects because if the clients do not speak Spanish, they would hardly be able to navigate on your website and much less return to it at another time.

Any company or business that provides online services, e-commerce and even social networks, must clearly show its Terms and Conditions. This is where users know the rights and duties of the website, the business and the services the owner provides.

Usually these appear in a very visible place of the web page or the person needs to read and accept them to register as a user. There is where the importance of translating them comes, since it propitiates effective communication with the target audience and avoids any kind of misunderstanding.


How should the translation be?

At the business level, an automatic translation is not acceptable. You need to request professional translation services for this. Automatic translations are usually deficient because you are dealing with a sensitive legal document which is related to your business, so it is best to invest a little more money to get a higher quality work.

A good translation gives you a more professional corporate image. To understand this point, think about your own experience when you enter to a foreign web page that is available in several languages, and the Spanish translation feels natural and fluid. This generates you a greater acceptance, makes you feel that the company is well established and that you can type in your data and even your credit card number without any problem.

Think about translating the Terms and Conditions and other aspects of your business website as an investment. This gives you the possibility to open yourself to a new market, increase your customers and the number of sales and/or projects.


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