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Traduality New Logo for translation services

Written by Traduality

Traduality helps organizations protect and get closer to its customers, employees, and partners in their native language.

July 9, 2023

Welcoming the Future: Traduality’s New Logo and Identity

Is it a compass? Is it a portal? Unravel the mystery of Traduality’s rebranded logo. We’re excited to debut our new emblem and logo, a symbol of our commitment to further strengthening our bond with existing customers and reaching out to new audiences.

Traduality has consistently provided top-tier, networked technological solutions to the translation industry. As we move forward, we felt the need to establish a robust and contemporary visual foundation for our product and communication touchpoints. With this vision in mind, we’ve devised a new digital-first visual identity, designed to enhance applications, content-rich interfaces, high-resolution screens, and mobile devices.

Our goal has always been to ensure consistent communication and to further elevate the key attributes associated with our brand: cooperative, innovative, intellectual, and technical.

We started reimagining our visual identity with the central concepts of translation and cooperation in mind. We chose to bid farewell to the triangles, symbolic of Traduality tearing down language barriers, suggesting that with Traduality, language barriers have ceased to exist for our customers.

So, is it a glyph, a symbolic representation of communication? Or a network, symbolizing worldwide connectivity? It’s none! Our new icon is a representation of Traduality’s transition to a translation management platform.

Our New Logo:

Traduality translation services marketplace logo

Our iconic Traduality blue colors remain a strong component of our brand identity – the Dark Midnight Blue, Lapis Lazuli, and Cyan-Blue Azure.

We’ve approached this transition carefully, ensuring that our new brand visuals will work harmoniously across all platforms: print, digital, UI design, events, and so forth.

This change signals Traduality’s transition from a traditional translation agency to a dynamic translation management platform. Our new platform, represented by the icon in our logo, is where customers and linguists can work together in real-time to complete ambitious projects in any language. Our platform will offer over 20 different services from the translation industry, including translation, localization, interpreting, and much more.

While our platform is still in the final stages of development and is set to launch by the end of 2023, we have rebuilt our website so that customers can request services in a similar manner. While the platform development is in progress, our customers can use the website to request services, and the Traduality team is ensuring the perfect linguist match for their projects on the backend.

In short, this major rebranding is a reflection of our commitment to making professional translation services more accessible, effective, and user-friendly for everyone. Welcome to the new Traduality – the future of language solutions where language barriers no longer exist!

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