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September 30, 2023

Looking to Expand Your Market? Translate Your Online Store!

In the digital age, eCommerce has quickly become the most popular way to buy and sell goods. In addition, the internet has allowed the commercialization of diverse products internationally. Nowadays, businesses everywhere invest in international markets, and many believe that website translation goes hand-in-hand with global eCommerce.

It’s not just big businesses that benefit from a translated storefront. In this article, you’ll learn the advantages of building a multilingual eCommerce website and how translation services can play into your next marketing strategy.


Why Translate Your Online Store?

First, the internet is vast and exists in all corners of the world. As an eCommerce expert, you know how enormous the internet’s scope is and how your marketing will reflect how your business fits into this international web. If you’re still on the fence about implementing web translation services into your marketing strategy, here are six reasons to do so:

First, remember that e-commerce consists of buying and selling products and services across the Internet and its multiple platforms. For this reason, to see its scope only at a local level is to be aware of all the possibilities it has, and if you still haven’t decided to implement it, here are six reasons to do so:

1. Reach Wider Audiences

By translating your online store, your number of potential clients will increase, which will mean more growth opportunities for your business.

2. Improve Internal Growth

Of course, an increase in customers will also increase your profits, allowing you to further invest in your business and products.

3. Become Global

Greater reach isn’t just local; translating your storefront into other languages will likely attract visitors from other countries. For any business looking to go global, translation is a must!

Improve SEO Ranking

Keyword translation and SEO translation services will increase your search engine ranking. Since higher rankings mean more organic traffic, you’ll get more visitors, too!

Build an International and Trustworthy Image

Translating your online store will present a more professional image to your clientele. In addition, prospecting customers will also feel more welcome with your business as opposed to one whose website uses machine translation or isn’t translated at all.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

There are times when oversaturation causes a decrease in sales, especially in local markets. With too many businesses offering similar services, it can be challenging for customers to find an option they’re the most comfortable with. By translating your online store, you won’t have to worry about oversaturation; your market will be broader, and you won’t have to depend only on local sales.


Ready to Get Started?

Acquiring professional translation services for your online store has a lot of benefits. When you search for translation agencies, consider that they can offer you localization services so your website can be translated and adapted to your customer’s needs and language. Remember that in these cases, it is essential that your website is error-free.

If you’re ready to start localizing your online store and expanding your market, Traduality offers a vast array of marketing translation services to help you achieve your goals. Browse vetted translators, manage projects, and complete payments all in one place– sign up or schedule a demo today!

Updated 9/14/2023.

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