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Localization in the Energy Sector

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August 27, 2021

Localization in the Energy Sector

Nowadays, thinking about your business at a local level means reducing its potential tremendously. Globalization has diversified everything and the opportunities for international growth are there for those who choose to take them. In this article, I want to talk about one of these possibilities within the energy sector and why it is important to consider localization services when requesting professional translation services. If you want to know more about it, I invite you to read this other article where you can find what you need to know about localization and transcreation.


Translation and Localization in the Energy Sector

When you hear about the energy sector, you probably think of the huge machines that are in charge of producing energy in factories or perhaps you picture the workers who operate them every day. Definitely, you don’t think of translation agencies. However, in recent years, professional translation services have taken an important place within this area.

We owe that to globalization since many of the companies in this sector are now open to international trade, to the possibility of establishing themselves in another country, and to receiving employees from other places. Along with growth, it also brings new challenges, for many documents or manuals must be translated in order for the companies to keep working as usual.

You might be wondering if those are the only texts that can be translated, but no. Professional translation services include product, technical, and operational manuals such as commercial contracts, evaluation strategies, logistics documents, activity reports, transport-related texts, foreign product legislation, among others. They can even work on the translation of websites and digital or traditional marketing strategies, as it is important to make yourself known in the language of potential clients. And just as all this can be translated, it can also be localized.


Why Localizing Energy Sector-Related Documents?

That being said, you must be thinking; well, translation is important, but why is localization important as well? First, remember localization is the service that provides a translation that is properly adapted to the target audience, which means it takes culture and social context into account. By including it along with the professional translation services, you ensure that the translated text is adequate for your clients and partners.

Think about this: your company, which produces clean energy is established in another country and you have to make sure to get advertising, manuals, and all necessary documents translated into the target language. However, there is something that was not taken into consideration; some words in the flyers are not commonly used in that specific region. How would the readers feel? How would you feel if something like that happened in your workplace? Don’t you think that such confusion could even cause an accident?

Also, think about marketing and websites. Which one would make you feel more comfortable? A company with a website that was completely adapted so that you, the client, don’t face any problems when reading, or a website that was translated but its content is not easily accessible?

In Traduality Language Solutions we have the best translation and localization services. We have professionals, experienced website and app translators, as well as technology compatible with API, neural machine translation, UI testing, and localization QA. Get in touch with us and achieve international success!

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