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Localization for Digital Products

Written by Javier Arizpe

June 11, 2021

Localization for Digital Products

We have already talked about how technology has improved our communication with the rest of the world, and also about the importance of having translation agencies as a support to ensure the integrity of your image and products. Today, I will talk to you about the localization service, an incredible addition to your business that will help you not only to improve your scope but also to achieve a great quality connection with your clients. Keep up reading and find out what it is, as well as the great benefits it can bring you. The advantages of having a multilingual website are many as this other article of ours share with you.


What Is Localization?

Localization is the process in which a product or content is adapted for a specific market, i.e. it takes into account both the language and culture of the target audience, as well as its context and traditions. A good example of this could be McDonald’s, which customizes its menus according to the location to please its clients.

Now you might be asking yourself, what can be localized? Well, different things can be localized, such as documents, leaflets, posters, videos, pictures, websites, videogames, software, manuals, etc. It’s a personalized service, so you get suggestions depending on your needs. Whatever you want to do to connect with your clients can be localized.


Why Is Localization Important?

As mentioned before, it helps to create a particular experience for your clients, and since we live in a globalized world, keeping just what is closer to us is not enough. Think about this: according to the Internet World Stats, only around 7.9% of the people on the Internet speak Spanish. The most used languages are English (25.2%) and Chinese (19.3%.)

How many potential clients are left out of your market because of the language barrier? And how many can be left out if your website or products are not well adapted to their worldview? After all, there is an immense difference between English, Chinese, and Spanish, not only in the way the language is built but also in the cultural aspects.

Remember, for example, that the English language itself has expressions that vary depending on whether it is American or British English. In the case of Chinese, there are five main dialects (Mandarin, Wu, Min, Yue, and Hakka) and some others that are used regionally. What audience do you want to reach? What relation do you want to build between your products and the clients?

Therefore, it is important that you take localization into account, and that when requesting professional translation services, make sure that translation agencies are able to offer you a suitable localization service so that the identity of your brand and your work remain intact for your new clients.

In Traduality Language Solutions, we offer a high-quality localization service, as we make sure that your products and services are adapted to the culture and language of your clients. We specialize in the translation of websites, apps, videogames, and e-Learning courses. We also offer an API compatibility service, which allows us to speed up our processes and, therefore, the delivery of your projects. Contact us and start making the most of the potential of new markets!

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