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Voice-over in audiovisual projects

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August 20, 2021

Improving your Audiovisual Project with Voice-Over

You may think that “locution” is a weird term, but I can assure you that you are familiar with it. When you see a video or ad that has off-camera voices, you’re looking at professional voiceover work. But it’s not just about recording voices, it’s much more than that, and today I’ll talk to you about what voiceover is and how you can use it to improve your audiovisual projects.

Also, if you want tips for choosing a professional translator, I encourage you to read this other article, because it is important to know how to identify experts when asking for a professional translation service.


What Is Voice-Over?

Voice-over is the action of reporting, announcing, or showing something by using voices. For achieving that, voice-over uses diverse techniques, because it isn’t just about talking, it is also about transmitting emotions, feelings, or moods. The most important thing for voice-over is to transmit something to the people.

Having this in mind, now think in an ad or video that uses voice-over. Speakers don’t just read from a script, they act to give volume, emotion, and particularity to their voice, regardless of the type of audiovisual project or language.


Benefits of Voice-Over

Now that you know what voice-over is, you may be wondering: “Why should I ask for this service from translation agencies? What difference will it make to my audiovisual projects?” There are many answers to those questions and here are some of them:

  • Clients will easily recognize your projects

How many times have you heard the music of a video or ad and you already know what product they are talking about? Well, the same applies to voice-over projects. Many well-known brands use the same voice-over services, for this reason, to be recognized quickly.

  • Brand identity

It doesn’t matter if it is an informative, educative, or marketing video, counting with a good voice-over service will guarantee that your target audience will make a connection with your project, and they also will recognize your products as well as your brand values, specially if they are entering a new country.

  • Higher service value

With voice-over, you can give your clients an enjoyable and enriching experience, because the speaker will not just limit to read a message, it will give it volume and necessary pauses, so your audience will be interested all the time.

  • A great first impression

A professional speaker will know how to give a kind and familiar touch to any message, and that will make the clients notice the professionalism in your project the first time they see it.

  • Generating interest

Counting with a professional voice-over service, your audience will feel attracted for the message that you want to transmit. The speaker will make them feel comfortable, as well as make them interested in your products.

As you can see, having a voice-over service can give you great benefits. Traduality Language Solutions is one of the best translation agencies in United States and the world, if you need help with audiovisual projects, we are the right ally. Our actors and speakers will give you the quality that your project needs in any language. Contact us and you will reach the success!

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