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Written by Javier Arizpe

September 23, 2020

How wide is the work field for a translator or interpreter?


Are currently studying a translation or interpretation career but you do not know which work field should be better to show your skills on? Do you know what you will do after you end up your career or not?

Studying a translation or interpretation career means the connection of two different cultures due to language. For this reason, you need to have full knowledge of the languages you are going to work with, so you can break all the language barriers that pulls them apart.

This article will help you to see how wide is the work field for a translator or an interpreter. And if you do not know which career are you going to study but translation is considered as one of your options, I invite you to read this article to know the differences between an interpreter and a translator.


Freelance translator or interpreter

Becoming an independent translator or interpreter, also known as freelancers, is one of the first options that a student of these careers consider when they are thinking on “choosing their future”. The fact that you do not want to depend on someone or that you do not want to earn the base salary sometimes has its consequences.

This is one of the most difficult fields in which to practice and in which to obtain huge profits at first, because you are the only one that can promote yourself and look for new projects. You are going to gain more experience as you advance in your professional future. The best of all is that you can choose in which field you want to develop in!


Private entities

Some transnational companies in the country occasionally require the services of translators and interpreters to make deals or businesses, to help them become international. However, this field is not always the best because they require their services by seasons.


Public organizations

On these kinds of organizations, there are occasionally lots of job vacancies because they are constantly in search for translators and interpreters. To be inside of these organizations, you must follow some specific steps and after you approve them all, you will be added to their catalogue of options, sworn and endorsed by these kinds of organizations, such as Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Embassies or any office of the State Judicial Council.


Translation and Interpretation Agencies

Translators or interpreters can spread their knowledge inside specialized translation companies, where the company provides services to third parties. One advantage of practicing your profession on this labor field is that you have law benefits and extra benefits that sometimes are implemented depending on the company you are working at.



This field is for translators only. You can practice your profession translating literary texts in editorials, keeping the sense and intention of the original author, taking into account that you will also have law benefits that are given to you since you start working there.



Translators and interpreters can share their language knowledge on private or public institutions and, universities. If you want to practice your profession in this field, you should study a degree to certificate yourself in that to verify your teaching methods.

Now that you read all of these, don’t you ever put the labor field as an obstacle when looking for a job! There are lots of options! So, where did you want to practice your profession?


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