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How to know if you hired a good interpreter

Written by Javier Arizpe

November 5, 2021

How to know if you hired a good interpreter

Nowadays it is common to have international guests at events, even more if they are speakers who will provide added value. In these cases, it is crucial to make sure that everyone understands what is being spoken; hiring an interpreter is one of the strategies you can apply.

However, how can you make sure you requested services from a suitable interpreter? Which characteristics should you look for in it? If you have these questions or more, don’t worry. In today’s article I will share with you the characteristics a good interpreter owns. Once you know this, you will then be sure you contacted the right person.


What is interpreting?

Among professional translation services you can find interpreting services. They consist on a professional translating (verbally and at real time) a message from one language to another. There are different types of interpreting; you might need one or another depending on your needs. If you would like to know what type of interpreting is more suitable for your event, you can check the following article.

Interpreting services are essential in the business world, specially in those that have or seek to have international connections. Many times it is necessary to call contractors from other countries to help with staff trainings or to evaluate that the work is being done correctly. For this matter, having an interpreter who helps you communicate effectively turns into a crucial task in your organization.


How do I know I hired a good interpreter?

Having that said, how can you know translation companies have the right staff for you? What are the key skills every interpreter should have? I will now share with you the 5 most outstanding qualities a professional interpreter owns:

  1. A wide idiomatic knowledge: A professional interpreter has an exhaustive knowledge about the language that it interprets, and seeks to upgrade itself constantly to be up-to-date with the new guidelines.
  2. Great skills to analyze and synthesize: Since a good interpreter has a short time to translate, it must be able to extract the basic concepts in speech and convey them clearly.
  3. A good memory: Due to the fact interpreters receive a lot of information in a short span of time, most of times they rely on their memory to achieve a suitable translation. An interpreter who does not exercise its memory will forget what was said and will cause communication issues.
  4. Working under pressure: Since there’s a reduced span of time to make decisions, an interpreter cannot let itself be defeated by pressure or nervousness. A professional interpreter knows how to control these aspects and use them in its favor.
  5. Public speaking skills: As the interpreter is on the spotlight, it should face the crowd confidently. A professional interpreter is neither shy nor gives excuses when speaking in front of a big crowd.

As you can see, the characteristics of a good interpreter are clear, and you should look for them when you request this type of service. In Traduality, we have professional interpreters who can help you at your meetings and events. Whether you need simultaneous, consecutive, or remote interpreting, we can offer you packages that are suitable for your needs. Contact us today and lead your business to success!

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