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Written by Javier Arizpe

September 23, 2020

How to Distinguish a Professional Translator

If you are about to hire a translation service for the first time, you might have questions about how to choose a good translator that fulfill your expectations and solve your linguistics needs. On the contrary, if you have already hired translation services, it wouldn’t hurt to make sure your investments have been worth it. For that reason, this time we’ll show you the characteristics of a good translator, which will be helpful the next time you decide to hire subtitiling or translation services. To learn more about it, we recommend you to read these 7 key tips when looking for Translation Services .


Excellent grammar and writing

Let’s start with your documents’ appearance. It is essential that your translation be free of grammar mistakes. Otherwise, there might be minor consequences like a text with a bad or non-professional appearance. There might be more serious consequences too. In the next example, you can see how a simple comma can completely change the meaning of a sentence.

It’s time to eat, grandma!

It’s time to eat grandma!

In the first sentence, the speaker is inviting the grandmother to eat together. But in the second sentence, the grandkid might be thinking of eating grandma for lunch.


Professional Translation Training

Besides taking grammar very seriously, professional translators know that your official document must be impeccable, that your manual with very detailed information must be perfectly clear, or that people should be fascinated by your videogame. We also know that, in order to offer a good service, we need training. Even though a bachelor’s degree gives translators the basics, being in constant training allows us to develop our skills and offer you the best service possible. That’s the reason why we recommend you to know their professional training in the translation field, such as courses, workshops, or certification programs.


Culture and Language are Perfectly Understood

Translating is much more that just substituting words for others. There are aspects of the language that are bound to the culture and are hard to explain to the speakers of other languages. A professional translator fully understands that, for example, while in English “it’s raining cats and dogs”, in Spanish “it’s raining from clay jugs”. You can see the importance of knowing the differences between languages and cultures in the article we wrote about 5 brands whose names got them some troubles in foreign countries.


They Are not Experts in Everything

As long as there is information for people who don’t speak the language in which it is written, translators will be needed. That’s why there are many fields in translation. However, it is impossible for a translator to know everything in the world to translate into many languages and about several topics at a time. The same way physicians need years of training to acquire the knowledge and tools necessary to perform their duties, translators also have to study for years in order to be good professionals. That is why a translator who offers many language combinations and to work in several fields, is either a super human or won’t be able to accomplish what was offered to the client.


Due Dates and Reasonable Rates

Quality translations are subject to many stages, from getting the estimate to the time of delivery. Searching for terminology, and proof-reading the translated text are some steps included in the translation process. All of it for you to receive a project without any mistakes. And, of course, all the process takes time. It is impossible to translate 10 000 words overnight and also keep quality.

It is also important to highllight that behind a good translation, there are years of study and specialization, let alone the time spent on your project for you to receive a perfect product. If you are promised a high-volume translation within a short period in exchange for a low payment, think it twice before you hire the service, because the final result might not be what you expect.


Relationship Between the Client and the Translator

Lastly, if you have already hired a translation service and the translator asks you questions about the project, lucky you! That means the translator wants to offer you the best service, and collaboration can be the difference between a good or a bad translation.

If your translator or agency has all of these characteristics, know for certain that the quality of your translations will be excellent and your investment will have been worth it.

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