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Written by Javier Arizpe

April 7, 2018

How to create forms in Word?


One of the Microsoft Word tools that you can find very useful for work is the creation of forms. With these you can enter, edit and view records in the same Word document or fill by hand (in case of a survey).

The most important thing is that these forms are protected against changes, meaning that at the time of filling the fields, the person can only modify the answer boxes.

First, you only need a blank Microsoft Word document to follow these steps:


How to create forms in Word?

To activate this option, go to the File tab, click Options, and select Customize Ribbon in the dialog box. On the right side you will see a box that reads Developer, you just have to activate it and press OK.


You will see that it will automatically add a new Developer tab to the program’s main bar. But before you start creating your form, it is important that you save the document as a Word Template.

After you have saved it, you can go to the Developer tab and click on Design Mode in the Controls group to insert the controls you need.


To modify the plug-in you added, just right click on the control and select Properties; there you can add name, tag and the options you need.

When you have finished your work, check it and complete it as the user would, to correct any possible error. Now you only need to protect the form to avoid changes to the template by users.

Go to the Edit group on the Home tab, click on Select All and go back to the Developer tab. In the Control group, select Group, and if the program tells you that you must group again, do it again.

Now that you know the whole process, make the most of the tool and deliver more professional and detailed forms to your customers.

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