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Written by Montserrat González

Montserrat is a professional translator who likes to read and write fictional stories. There's nothing she enjoys more than spending time with her friends and family.

July 3, 2020

How to add YouTube videos to your PowerPoint presentation

If you are working on an important presentation in which you want to show a YouTube video, you should know that it is possible to insert it to your PowerPoint slides so that you do not have to leave the file. Keep reading and learn how to do it!

In PowerPoint 2016, 2013, the one for Office 365 and the online version, you can insert or create a link to a YouTube video, which can be played during the presentation.

Since the video is going to be played directly from the video platform, you will have the controls to play, activate subtitles, change the quality of the video and pause. Of course, the computer must be connected to a network, otherwise it will not work.


Steps to Add YouTube Videos to Your PowerPoint Presentation

  1. First, look up the video you want to insert.
  2. In the Insert tab, click “Video” and then “online video”.
  1. In the “Search YouTube” box, write the name of the video and press Enter.
  1. Choose the video in the results that appear and once again press Enter.
  2. After following up these steps, the slide will show the video which you can resize as you want.
  3. To finish, go to the Playback tab to choose how and when the video should play.


If there is a problem when you insert the video verify that you have the latest updates from Microsoft Office.

YouTube videos stopped working in PowerPoint 2010 because the video platform stopped admitting Adobe Flash Player, a plugin used by the 2010 version, however, you can install the LiveWeb plugin from the official Microsoft website as a workaround to fix this.

You should also take into account that PowerPoint uses the video playback technology from Internet Explorer. So, it is also advisable to have the latest version of this browser. You don’t need to open it at the time of making or showing your presentation but you should have IE updated just in case.


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