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Audio Transcription

Written by Montserrat González

Montserrat is a professional translator who likes to read and write fictional stories. There's nothing she enjoys more than spending time with her friends and family.

May 7, 2021

How Much Does a Transcription Cost?

We have already talked about transcription challenges, which is the service that consists of converting an audio or video into a written text. On that occasion, the challenges involved in transcribing multimedia files were mentioned, as it is not as simple as it seems. However, this time we will show you all the aspects that can affect the price of a transcription. Keep up reading, so that the next time you request this service, you will know the aspects that will influence the price of a transcription.


Transcription Types

These are the most common types of transcription:

  • Verbatim transcription: In this one, every sound is transcribed, like stuttering, repetitions, interjections, and other sounds that interfere with the reading of the text.
  • Natural transcription: Sounds like stuttering, repetitions, and interjections are omitted to avoid complications in the reading of the text.
  • Phonetic transcription: Here the sounds are represented with graphic symbols.

The first aspect that is considered for quoting is the type of transcription that is required. The two types of transcription previously mentioned are the most common. If you only need the content of the audio or video, the best option for you is natural transcription. On the other hand, literal transcriptions are necessary when intonation is important and you don’t want to miss any information.


What Impacts in The Price of a Transcription?

Whatever type of transcription you need, it is important to know that verbatim transcription is the most expensive one. That is due to its meticulous nature and therefore slower to transcribe.

  • Duration

Transcription is usually charged by the minute, the longer the video, the higher the cost of the service.

  • Audio quality

Whether it is a video file or just an audio file, the quality of the recording plays a very important role when requesting a quote. Good quality audio is easier to understand, therefore, it would take the transcriber less time to finish the project, not to mention its quality will be better.

  • Number of speakers

One speaker represents a minor charge. When there are two or more speakers in the video or audio, it takes the transcriber more time to identify the speakers. The more speakers, the higher the rate.

  • Delivery time

Transcription services have a standard rate for a certain amount of time. That is why urgent transcriptions have a higher cost. This is because urgent projects are given more preference over others that arrive earlier. An extra service will have an extra charge.

  • Language

When the original file is in English, Spanish, or any other high-demand language, the common rate applies. However, if the transcription language is in low demand, the price will be higher.

  • Talking speed

In audios where the speaker(s) speak faster, the transcriber will need to pause and repeat the audio more often than in audios where the speaker(s) speak slower. On some occasions, this aspect can lead to an extra charge.

  • Subtitles

It is possible that your video transcription will also need subtitles. Subtitles are an additional service, therefore, a fee will be added according to the service.

Furthermore, it is important to emphasize that the aspects that can impact the price of transcription do not always apply. That actually depends on the transcriber or the translation agency.

Finally, you can take all of these aspects into account the next time you need this service. Check out the multimedia section and explore the options for transcription services offered by Traduality, feel free to contact us and ask for a quote.

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