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Translation to Position Yourself on the Web

Written by Traduality

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February 4, 2022

Have presence on the Internet with translation

Nowadays, many companies want to have a presence on the Internet, after all, it is well known that digital media offers great benefits to whoever uses it.

If you want to place your project in this media, or if you find yourself in the first steps of getting in already, it is important to take into account professional translation services.

But, why should you think about it? Well, the Internet is a global tool that can boost your business, if you allow it. After all, the advantages of having a multilingual web site are countless, as you can see in this other article, and that will also help you to understand this one.


Which professional translation services should I use?

Translation agencies can work a wide range of things, from web site translation to interpretation services. However, there are some services that can help you more than others, depending on what you want to achieve.

For example, you can request a translation service for your website, or a localization service to help your marketing strategy. The translation service will serve as a tool to help you to be professionally known on line, while the localization service guarantees you that your publicity will come directly to your clients despite of their culture.

Think about it. If your website has grammar mistakes, do you think your potential clients will feel confident about acquiring your products? Or if the description of your services contains words that they don’t use, will they understand what you’re offering them? In such cases, a good translation and localization are essential.

However, if you choose a translation agency carefully, you will achieve a translation with two functions: Not only will your content be adapted to another language and country, but it will also follow the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and positioning rules of the new market you’ve entered.

This is one of the benefits of hiring a translation agency. if you want to know more about it, you are welcome to read this article that contains thorough information about it.


Positioning and translation

When it comes to positioning, remember that the use of Internet is not the same everywhere. All you have to do is search for the most searched terminology list in different countries to identify that the words commonly used in all countries to localize information or certain products are not the same. Once you know this, a key word translator is crucial.

A translation complemented with localization and SEO will guarantee you a place on the search engines, and this will provide you higher sales, a greater number of clients, and visibility. For this matter, every aspect will be linked to each other like a chain. It’s not just about translating, it is rather about taking care about everything to achieve success.


If you are interested to go forth into the web and achieve this growth for your business, in Traduality Language Solutions you will find everything you need.

We offer localization, translation, interpretation, and quality tests services, as well as the access to IA technology and API compatibility. Reach us out today to achieve your own potential!

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