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September 23, 2020

Introducing Traduality’s Global Care Effort Initiative

There comes a time in every company’s life when it grows enough to start making a difference in the world. Thanks to our wonderful team, all of our clients, and social media community, we keep growing as a company every day.

Since Traduality’s day 1 back in 2009 our team made a promise to support the world we live in however possible as soon as we made enough revenue to help without affecting our daily operations. Today is that day, and thus we introduce our latest initiative:


What is Traduality’s Global Care Effort initiative?

Traduality’s Global Care Effort is our commitment to the world. Phase 1 involves making a list of the most reliable nonprofit organizations and donating a portion of our annual proceeds to one of them every year. However, we want everyone to participate, so it will be our clients, translators, our team members, and our social media community the ones to decide where the money goes.

We will send out an annual survey by the end or beginning of every year and you will be able to choose one nonprofit organization supporting a clear world protection cause. By the end of 3 days, the NPO with the most votes will receive our annual donation.

These NPOs will remain in our list permanently for as long as they continue to be reliable organizations.


What is the selection process for an NPO to become part of this initiative?

The selection process is a result of internal researching about the NPO. The one requirement is that they must be a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, aside from that, we just visit their website and social media, look for online reviews, among other research efforts just to make sure our donation will be used for a good cause and it will be used wisely.

This initiative is completely internal, which means the NPOs in our list have no bonds, endorsement or partnership with our company and they may not even be aware of our initiative. We choose them because we believe in their cause and we believe their efforts are changing our world for the better. Actually, if you know a reliable NPO that is an 501(c)(3) charitable organization and you would like us to consider including it in our list, please contact us at

We will research about any suggested NPO and if approved, we will include it in our list for everyone to vote for it too.


Will you make the donation amount available to the public?

For now, we will not publish our donation amounts. As we are still a small comany, we will donate between 3% to 10% of our annual proceeds depending on how well we do during the year but we believe knowledge about amounts are unnecesary for people to know that our efforts to help our world are real. However, we will publish screenshots (with redacted amounts) every year after we make our donation.


Why are you using this whole dynamic and not just donating silently?

Although we could do that (and we have in the past), we decided to involve everyone and give them the power to decide where our donation goes every year in order to inspire other companies to find creative ways to promote helping our world. This is also an easy way to provide people with a list of reliable NPOs, so they can also choose one or two to donate themselves without the hassle of making research or having second thoughts.


Traduality’s Global Care Effort first survey will be sent out to clients and published on social media on Monday, Tuesday 21, 2020. We will send our first donation three days later. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to send your opinion and help us make our world a better place!


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