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Written by Javier Arizpe

November 7, 2018

Everything you need to know about legal translation


Legal translation focuses specifically on legal and official documents, whether public or private. This type of documents has a specialized and very particular language which must be known and mastered.

Having knowledge of languages is not enough since this type of translation requires the translated document to have legal effects in other country, that is why some public bodies or institutions request translations made by an expert translator, while other types of procedures don’t usually require it.

However, what is fundamental to work in the area is to know a little the two legal systems (of the original text and the translated one), to avoid translation errors that could generate a misinterpretation of the document.

That’s why the best legal translators are usually lawyers specializing in the area of translation, because they are the ones who know the subject much better.


What documents require a specialized legal translation?

All documents written by a professional in law, whether a lawyer, jurist, legal adviser, or public officer, generally require a legal translation by a professional in the area.

Likewise, some purchase and sale contracts, financial and labor documents, wills, insurance policies, powers of attorney, foreign regulations, and intellectual property documents could also need to be translated by a specialist.


How can I contact a professional legal translator?

Many translation companies have specialized professionals in various areas, and it is probable that there is a legal translator in their work team.

This can usually be reflected on their website, but if in doubt, you can always ask before requesting services. We also recommend you to read these tips so that you get a quality job.


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