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interpreter documentation

Written by Javier Arizpe

September 3, 2021

Documentation for Interpreters

When hiring a professional interpreter, impeccable work is expected when requesting this service, and that every word is transmitted in a correct way to the target audience. But have you ever wondered how interpreters get to communicate the message to the audience? How a single person is capable of interpreting different topics, such as mining, engineering, or medicine? This time, we will talk about the big factor that can determine the success or failure of your event: the documentation of the interpreters before the event.

But if you still have doubts about the professional interpreting services that you may need, don’t worry! We have an article that talks about what type of interpreting is suitable for your event.


La documentación de los intérpretes antes del evento

Even though interpreters love to do research, they also need time to process information like any other human being. However, if they are capable of interpreting different topics, it is thanks to the prior documentation. That means that interpreters should have all the materials that will be used in the interpreting event.

All the interpreting matters are different and, in some cases, some of them are about a specialty, the interpreter documentation can make a difference in the event. That’s why, if possible, you should provide certain information to the interpreter. In that way, it will be more familiar with the subject matter and it will know better the industry terminology. Below are materials that may be useful to the interpreter.

  • La documentación de los intérpretes inicia desde el tema

First of all, the subject matter must be specified. It is not enough to say that the conference will be about medicine or that the company works in logistics because those areas are very broad. Keep in mind that while professionals spend all their lives becoming experts in their area, interpreters don’t have enough time to get familiar with it.

  • Presentaciones

Other useful resources for the interpreter are presentations. Those are really helpful because they resume everything that the speaker is going to say. In that way, presentations become a guide of all the information that must be known.

  • Glosarios

Glossaries are also a great source of information for interpreters, after all, knowing with anticipation all the terminology will allow them to be more confident in the event.

  • Archivos multimedia

On the other hand, videos or audio files can be a problem. The bad quality in audio or interference can cause problems to the interpreter, if it doesn’t understand well the information, it will have problems for interpreting.

It is necessary to mention that there are some things that the interpreter can predict, like puns, jokes, or cultural references. In those cases, the interpreter will have to be creative and give extra effort in the interpreting.

So, giving the interpreter the available information can make a difference in the result of the interpreting. With documentation, the interpreter will be prepared to face any challenge that may come.


In Traduality Language Solutions, we know that an event is really important for you and your company, that is why we offer high-quality professional interpreting services to make it a success.

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