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October 3, 2022

Best Translation Services Companies 2022

With the existence of so many online tools that offer to check spelling, suggest new phrasing, and fix grammar, many also assume it would be easy to find top-tier translation tools. How hard could it be to translate something from one language to another? 

Allow us to be the first to tell you that neither translation nor choosing a preferred translation services company is easy.

Using Google Translate or another automatic translation tool to understand the meaning of a certain word or short phrase isn’t the same as translating an entire body of text or piece of business writing with complex sentences, idioms, and slang. 

Suppose a large number of people will look at the text you need to have translated because it’s some kind of official document, manual, or book. In that case, looking for the help of professional translation services is the way to go. This will ensure that your translation remains factual, credible, and properly representative of the text it was translated from.

Not all translation services companies are made equal—some offer different options and benefits than most. This article will introduce you to some of the best translation services companies in 2022 and give you an idea of what makes each one stand out in the market.


TransPerfect is one of the most well-known translation companies in the States. They’re based in New York but have headquarters and offices not only in the U.S. but all across the world. Because of this (and the numerous services they provide), TransPerfect is considered one of the leaders in the language industry and one of the world’s largest privately-owned translation service companies. 

They’ve been operating on the market for over 25 years and, during that time, have worked on more than 300,000 projects.

Their service portfolio includes: 

  • Translation
  • Multicultural marketing
  • AI data solutions
  • Language training
  • Legal support services
  • Website localization

This list is not exhaustive. TransPerfect works with various industries, from popular ones like eCommerce and retail to more niche industries like software development and finance.

Additionally, TransPerfect doesn’t only offer a team of translators but has teams of marketing experts that can help brands get the most out of multilingual and multicultural marketing. This translation service is pretty well-equipped to handle more complex and long-term projects.


As you might be able to guess by the name, Lionbridge claims to be a company that breaks barriers and ‘crosses bridges’ by delivering perspective-changing translation services all over the globe. Like TransPerfect, Lionbridge is also an experienced company in translation. They are constantly trying to improve and expand the portfolio of services they offer. 

Currently, this portfolio includes things like: 

  • Translation services
  • AI & testing services
  • Content services
  • Localization services

For each of these categories, they offer a few sub-services that are more catered to a client’s specific needs. Lionbridge is particularly experienced in video, voice, and audio translation and is dedicated to delivering outstanding service that’s unique to each of the projects they take on. 


We’ve made it to ourselves. Traduality is a modern—but experienced—translation company that provides its clients with a lot of options and enables them to choose how they want the service to be delivered. 

Unlike many traditional translation companies that often follow more rigid and outdated processes, Traduality offers its customers the chance to: 

  • Choose the professional translator(s) they want to work with.
  • Choose whether to work only with professional translators or get dedicated project managers to take care of running everything.

We follow up with price quote requests faster than competitors and customers can get better prices for the same or higher quality services, both thanks to our business model. Additionally, customers can easily choose a service that fits their budget due to the several service options we provide.

Being able to choose who and how many people you want working on your project allows the customer to control both the cost and the dependence of the project. For example, if you want to have professional translators but you’re able to lead the project in-house, then you wouldn’t want to pay for a project manager. 

Alternatively, if you don’t have the ability to lead and operate the entire translation project, then Traduality offers to take the burden away from you and handle the project from start to finish. A project manager will:

  • Make sure your content is fully translatable by reproducing any non-editable documents.
  • Organize the translators.
  • Help them with inquiries along the translation process.
  • Return to the customer as needed with critical inquiries.
  • Run quality assurance on pre-final files to make sure quality expectations are fully met.

This is all backed with a 100% money-back guarantee. Traduality works with many industries and offers a wide range of services in many languages so your businesses can get closer to your customers, partners, and employees.

LanguageLine Solutions 

Having been on the market for over 20 years, LanguageLine is no newcomer in the certified translation industry. They have hundreds of offices in strategic places all across the globe, and their main goal is to deliver both localization and translation services to companies in the governmental and healthcare sector. 

At LanguageLine, their focus is on combining expertise, fluency, and incredible customer service that includes data protection and security. Each client can be certain their confidential information is well kept and won’t accidentally be leaked online.


RWS has a global team that consists of linguists, researchers, technical experts, and of course, professional translators. They have a reputation of being a flexible company that’s able to deliver both translation and localization services with high quality. 

Their HQ is located in the UK; however, their operations are spread all over the globe, and they have a team of more than 7,500 people all around the world. Along with the more typical translation and localization services, they also offer more unusual services such as: 

  • Life science language services
  • Intellectual property support solutions

What makes RWS a bit unique is how long they’ve been in the translation industry and how many well-known brands they’ve served.


Unlike most of the companies we discussed, Easytranslate is based in neither the US nor the UK. Instead, their headquarters are located in Denmark. However, that hasn’t stopped them from becoming one of the fastest growing services in the translation sector, with multiple millions of dollars in annual revenue. 

Some of the services they offer include: 

  • Translation and localization
  • Website translation
  • Proofreading
  • Certified translation
  • Document translation

Easytranslate’s main focus markets are media, marketing, SEO, and eCommerce, which is why they offer so many services related to delivering outstanding content. Along with that, they’re often working on projects related to legal, medical, and technical documents. What makes this Danish company stand out is the fusion between passion for language and the use of smart technology, as well as their focus on working with start-up firms and smaller companies. 


This is another company based in Europe, with its headquarters founded in Cyprus. Awatera is quite unique as they operate in many locations across the world, including CIS countries. They specialize in delivering localization and translation services but recently have made an effort to expand their list of services. 

It’s key to point out here that Awatera works with many different industries, including: 

  • Oil & gas
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Engineering
  • Patents
  • Finance and legal
  • Energy
  • eCommerce
  • Technology
  • Gaming

Awatera is experienced with being able to work across various industries, as their list of clients is quite broad. Many businesses they work with come from completely separate sectors. Along with their translation services, Awatera also offers technological solutions such as ERP systems, API connections, and more.

Argos Multilingual 

Argos has been operating as a translation service for decades, so they’re considered one of the more experienced companies in the industry. Their focus industries include technology, finance, manufacturing, and life science. They’re always keen on establishing long-term, quality partnerships with the companies they work with. 

Argos offers multiple unique services in various languages, including: 

  • Translation & localization
  • Compilation & engineering
  • Artwork & screenshots
  • Subtitling & captioning
  • DTP
  • QA testing
  • Research
  • Multimedia localization 

If your needs are varied and you’re operating in one of Argos’ industries of expertise, they could be a good choice for a trusted translation partner.

Alpha CRC 

We’re going back to the UK-based businesses with Alpha CRC. They’re another translation company that has been operating on the market for over 30 years. In that time frame, they’ve managed to prove themselves as an ever-growing business that’s focused on delivering many high-quality services.

Their current portfolio includes: 

  • Localization
  • Transcreation
  • Testing software engineering
  • Consultancy
  • Multilingual copywriting
  • Machine and crowdsourced translation

Alpha CRC’s focus on technology makes them an ideal partner for businesses in the smart industries. They already have an innate understanding of the niche and can deliver the needed services without needing long and exhausting explanations. 

Traductions Serge Blair Inc. (TRSB Inc.)

We’re stepping away from the UK and the US again and heading towards Canada where the headquarters of Traductions Serge Blair Inc. is located. TRSB runs its operations from Montreal and has over 200 highly qualified professionals working in over 100 languages that are able to deliver on multiple projects across the globe. TRSB offers a substantial amount of valuable linguistic-related services that include: 

  • Translation services
  • Marketing adaptation
  • Localization
  • Quality assurance
  • Multimedia services
  • Interpretation services
  • Desktop publishing
  • Terminology management

Thanks to its extensive portfolio and dedicated professional team, TRSB has established itself as a respectable translation company serving North America, especially Canada. 

Affordable Language Services 

The name speaks for itself, though this US-based business doesn’t only take pride in its prices. Affordable Language Services works to deliver unique services that other translation companies often don’t. The professionals on their team enable them to offer specific services such as: 

  • Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)
  • On-site live interpreting
  • Over-the-phone interpreting

Being able to do live translation across many different sources, including video, is what makes Affordable Language Services one of the more unique linguistic companies in the United States.

Along with that, their effectiveness in the use of tech solutions such as Machine Translation, Translation Memory, Translation Management Systems, and others is what makes them the preferred choice of many businesses, especially ones that operate in the technological sector. 

Global Lingo

Global Lingo is another UK-based translation services business; however, they pride themselves on taking on more specific projects and being able to offer solutions that other companies on the market aren’t able to deliver. Those include:

  • Minute-taking
  • Live translation
  • Interpretation
  • Professional transcription

Along with that, Global Lingo offers a ton of content transformation services for all of the languages they support. Additionally, they’re able to cater to each client’s specific needs and assign them to dedicated account managers and linguists while combining all that human effort with advanced technological solutions. 

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are many quality translation services companies in the world that offer professional and accurate translation. These companies tend to specialize in different sectors and in specific services. 

Choosing which translation company to work with mostly depends on a customer’s specific needs and the kind of project support they require. Having said that, we’d like to once again bring up the unique benefits Traduality provides, including service flexibility and affordability. Depending on your translation needs and your budget, you can receive classic translation services from professionals or start-to-finish care from a project manager.

Traduality is constantly on a path of improvement and is committed to providing brands and organizations with high-quality and cost-effective translation-related services to all. Set up a call with our specialists for free to get more details.

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